Reform prison system

Prisons should be solely for rehabilitation and to remove those who are truly dangerous to others from the general population until such time they are rehabilitated. Prisons should be as humane as possible--decent food, activities for inmates, serious programs to work with them and heal them. Non-violent offenders who are a danger to no one should not be in prison--they can work off their debt to society via community service.

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    We must reform our jails and prisons and our laws. We have criminalized much of life and many people in prison would be better served with restorative practices that restores harm created by the individual, recognizes the social, economic, and other conditions that lead to harm, and seeks to change those as well. The goal should be social healing and health, not punishment. I’m not certain rehabilitation is necessary for many, but we must certainly rehabilitate society with respect to the conditions that lead to harm.
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    YES! This issue combines several of the Green Party’s 10 Key Values and our overall ethics. The U.S.‘s criminal “justice” system causes gross INJUSTICE. It hurts individuals, tears families apart, inflicts racial bias upon people and our society, wastes taxpayers’ money, etc., etc. It does not even work! It deprives people from the opportunities to get rehabilitated and further weakens their skills in functioning in a free society. We need humane, nonviolent, practical, effective alternatives. In recent years even some conservatives have figured this out. The Green Party should develop clear policy proposals and reach out to the public with them. We will find the public attracted to the Green Party’s good sense.
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    Where is our compassion and respect for human dignity?
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    Abolish all private prisons! Incarceration should never be a business.
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    Agreed. I would add that prisons should also offer educational and vocational opportunities so that people have something to build a better life upon when released. Also, prisons should be as self-supporting as possible with prisoners working and earning a fair wage to offset costs and provide a cushion to help them when they’re released.
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