ballot access, police brutality, fracking, differential sentencing, individual mandate, living wage

1. Grassroots Democracy. Ballot access is paramount. The Republicans practice voter suppression, and the Democrats practice candidate suppression. 2. Peace/Nonviolence. Police brutality, excessive force, and sense of privilege need to be addressed. The police have become a publicly financed, private security force for corporate interests. 3. Ecology. Oppose fracking nationwide based on the hazards it poses to environmental and human health. Strengthen the rights of states, counties, and municipalities to ban the practice. 4. Social Justice. A) Redress differential sentencing in the courts. B) Repeal the individual mandate for medical insurance under the ACA. C) Undertake a balanced and credible approach to a universal living wage. Jumping to a $15 minimum wage shows disregard for regional disparities in cost of living and ignores wage pressure placed on employers and employees for those above minimum wage. If we want to reduce the pace of corporatism or end it, small businesses need to survive and thrive.

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