This web forum does not seem very user-friendly, to me, in terms of just casting votes/seeing stats

Anyway: Grassroots Democracy - Constitutional Amendment overturning the Citizens United decision; Peace/Nonviolence - reducing the Pentagon budget; Ecology - getting the EPA, FDA, etc. to live up to their mandates instead of being extensions of the corporate agenda, (we'll have to funnel those Pentagon funds toward this endeavor); Social Justice - legalize drugs nation-wide and release all imprisoned, non-violent drug offenders.

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    Yes, I agree completely.
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    I agree, I was hoping for an easier way to vote / voice my opinions, and don’t have the time to go scrolling through all the different pages. I like the concept of getting feedback (which this thread is doing, for example), but we need a proposed list of items that have been developed by GP leaders, and from that we can vote and make recommendations for what to prioritize
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    This “voting site” doesn’t represent the sophistication I associate with Green Party. Time to restructure.
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    This guy nailed it! ;)
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