Small Businesses and Opposition to TPP (Economic Justice)

In short (TL; DR), 1) promoting the assistance of small businesses is a good message (c.f., top-down Big Government perception of the Green New Deal); 2) relates to many other issues - buying power for consumers (forgiving student debt), relieving small businesses of healthcare costs (single-payer); 3) TPP is universally hated right now so it's good to show we're on the right side. In expanding and attracting new voters, narrowing down on how the Green platform is good for small businesses will help push back against the "big government"/"communism" attacks and would be a great counterpart to the Green New Deal. Many people are rightfully weary of government and, until we clean house, the perception of corruption and bureaucracy will not disappear right away. It's important to emphasize that while we are opposed to anti-worker legislation and out-of-control corporations, we do believe in just business models and that Greens are eager to make an economy which supports such models, rather than take over. Part of making local and small businesses succeed is putting more money into the pockets of consumers, like students, for example, who are currently spending $200, $400, even $700 per month on student loans for the next 10 or 15 years. Another weight off of the small business's budget is healthcare - by supporting single-payer, we put more money into the small businesses themselves. This can be a good way to show how interconnected our economy is with healthcare, our political system, climate change, labor laws, etc., and for those reasons we oppose the TPP, which has almost universal hatred right now. It would be a great time for the Green Party to show what a fair trade deal looks like.

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