2014 Green Party Candidates

Below is a collection of biographies, photos and URL's for our 2014 candidates. Contact our This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. regarding additions or corrections.

A complete list of candidates, past and present, can be found in a searchable database.


Luis J. Rodriguez for Governor
Jena Goodman for Lt. Governor
David Curtis for Secretary of State
Laura Wells for Comptroller
Ellen Brown for Treasurer
Barry Hermanson for Congress
Michael Powelson for Congress
Jack Lindblad for State Senate
Jason 'Shake' Anderson for Oakland Mayor
Michael Feinstein for Mayor of Santa Monica
Mike Parker for Richmond Mayor
Chrystal Coleman for Vista City Council
Marshall Blesofsky for Board of Trustees, Area #1, Long Beach Community College
Jesse Townley for Rent Board, Berkley
John Selawsky for Rent Board, Berkley


Harry Hempy for Governor


Dave McCorquodale for State Representative

District of Columbia

David Schwartzman for US Shadow Senator
Eugene Puryear for DC Council At-Large


Henry Lawrence for State Representative District 6


Scott Summers for Governor
Nancy Wade for Congress


David Courard-Hauri for State House


Eliot S. Barron for Congress


Paige Brown for State House
Sam Chandler
 for State House
Fred Horch
 for State Senate
Tom MacMillian for State House
Asher Platts for State Senate
Dan Stromgren for State House


Ian Schlakman for US Congress


Danny Factor for Secretary of the Commonwealth
MK Merelice
for State Auditor


Paul Homeniuk for Governor
Candace Caveny for Lt. Governor
Chris Wahmhoff for US Senate
Ellis Boal for US Congress
John Lawrence for US Congress
John Anthony La Pietra for Attorney General
Terry Link for Michigan State University Board of Trustees


Andy Dawkins for Attorney General
Skip Sandman for US Congress
Lena Buggs for State Representative
Kristine Osbakken for State House

New York

Howie Hawkins for Governor
Matt Funiciello for US Congress

New Jersey

Steven Welzer for US Congress


Anita Rios for Governor
Bob Fitrakis for Lieutenant Governor
Bob Hart
for US Congress
Dennis Lambert for US Congress
Nathan Lane for Ohio House of Representatives, District 29
Elaine Mastromatteo for Ohio House of Representatives District 64
Eddie Pfau for Domestic Court judge in Franklin County


Christina Jean Lugo for US Senate
Jason Levin for Governor


Glenn Davis for State Representative

South Carolina

Sue Edwards for State House, District 114


Isa Infante for Governor
Amy Balderrama for State Senate, District 13
Martin Holsinger for Tennessee House of Representatives, 54th district


Emily 'SpicyBrown' Sanchez for US Senate
Jamar Osborne for Attorney General
John Tunmire
for State Senate, District 10
Martina Salinas for Texas Railroad Commissioner


Joe Galdo for US Congress, District 11


Mike Lapointe for Congress, 2nd District
Bob Lewis for State Legislative, District 21
Doug Milholland for Congress, District 6

West Virginia

Bob Henry Baber for US Senate
Dan Lutz for West Virginia House of Delegates