Matt Styles running for Utah's House District 61

Provo Resident, BYU-H Graduate Places Bid for Utah’s House District 61 Race Matt Styles pledges to eliminate gerrymandering, implement better healthcare and increase renewable energy efforts for the environment. Continue reading

Utah resident Abrian Velarde To File for Utah's District 12 Senate Race

Abrian Velarde aims to invest in Utah's youth, protect and preserve the environment and increase voter turnout March 12, 2018 Magna, Utah – Abrian Velarde, a native of Utah, will file for candidacy in Utah's District 12 Senate race on Thursday, March 15 at 2:30 pm in person at the Salt Lake County Election Division, 2001 S State St, # S1 200, Salt Lake City. Continue reading

Green Party's Howie Hawkins likely to launch third campaign for NY governor

Howie Hawkins, the Green Party leader from Syracuse who has run for public office without a victory 21 times, said Thursday he's leaning toward a 22nd campaign this year. This time, Hawkins said, he will likely make a bid for New York governor. It would be his third consecutive attempt to defeat Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who won in 2010 and 2014. Continue reading

Green Party Candidate Makes D-6 Case

The Green Party has yet another candidate running in Montgomery County this year after 71-year-old former Navy contractor George Gluck announced he will mount a challenge for the vacant seat in Maryland's 6th Congressional District as a Green Party candidate. "I think it's where I can do the most good," Gluck said. "I'm running for my grandkids and other people's grandkids." Continue reading

South Glens Falls candidate would be a first for board

SOUTH GLENS FALLS, NY — A Green Party candidate is poised to become the first woman on the Village Board. Christine Elms, 30, ran last year and came in third, just missing a seat on the board. This year, she's the only one on the ballot for the special election on March 20. Other names can be written in on Election Day, so she is not guaranteed to win. Continue reading

Green Party Secretary of State Candidate Floats Unicameral Legislature Idea

Green Party secretary of state candidate Michael Feinstein Monday urged the San Diego City Council to put its support behind his plan to dramatically overhaul the state Legislature by merging its two houses and implementing ranked-choice voting that would support the viability of third- party candidates like him. The former Santa Monica mayor and councilman aired his proposal during the council’s public comment period. He has made similar presentations in other cities such as Glendale. Continue reading

Anti-Corruption U.S. Representative Challenger Steps Into Race Once Again

Columbus, Ohio --- The Franklin County Board of Elections announced on Thursday, February 15, that Joe Manchik has been certified as a candidate for Representative to the United States House of Representatives in Ohio’s 12th Congressional District and his name will be placed on the ballot in the Green Party primary election for both the special election to fill the unexpired term of Representative Pat Tiberi, who resigned in January to take a job as a corporate lobbyist, and the general election to fill the full term as Representative beginning on January 4, 2019. Continue reading

2,000 signatures needed by March!

Thank you for your support. Betsy Marsano is grateful to have you on her team. However ... Time is of the essence. The campaign to nominate Betsy Marsano for governor of Maine is at a critical juncture. In order to be nominated for the Green Independent Party primary election ballot, Betsy needs signatures of 2,000 enrolled Green Independents by March 15. Continue reading

Green Party Candidate Enters State Senate Race

District 19 voters will have the opportunity to vote for a member of the Green Party to be their next state senator now that David Jeang of Rockville has thrown his hat into the ring. "I feel the need to build other representation in Montgomery County would be healthy to bring out voters who don't feel the alignment with the current Democratic County and in turn bring out more voters in the whole of Maryland," he said in a phone interview. Continue reading

Kurland Speaks Out on Snyder's Budget

Today, Governor Rick Snyder announced his budget for FY2019. The Governor has yet again neglected to mention that the city of Flint still does not have access to clean, safe drinking water while proposing an additional investment of $25.9M to Flint for service line replacements. He neglected to mention that Michigan is currently giving 130 million gallons of our groundwater to Nestle while only charging them $200/year when they make over $300 million/year from our public resource. We could certainly fix the water mains in Flint much faster if Nestle was charged an equitable fee for their water withdrawal. He has yet again neglected to include the full costs of fixing Flint in the 2019 budget, allowing for this crisis to continue and be passed on to his successor. While he may be leaving the state with a projected "rainy day" fund of $922 million, he is also leaving our state with our own version of Katrina with a cost to fix of $1.2 - $4 billion. Continue reading