Paul Glover meet & greet in Philly

Paul Glover, the Green Party Candidate for Governor of Pennsylvania, will appear at a 'Welcome Party' on September 15 in Philadelphia.  Glover is the only candidate ready to confront commercial banks, to protect middle class and lower-income Pennsylvanians. He is committed to rebuild our cities and farms; to enable all to be employed, housed and fed and to shift the budget from prisons to schools. Glover is the only gubernatorial candidate committed to end fracking. Continue reading

Green Party Candidate for Secretary of State and Chair Attended the Hoosier Heartland Area Labor Federation’s Labor Day Picnic

Fort Wayne, Indiana, September 3, 2018 – Thousands of people gathered for the Hoosier Heartland Area Labor Federation's Labor Day Picnic at Headwaters Park in downtown Fort Wayne. Indiana Green Party's (INGP) candidate for Secretary of State, Dr. George Wolfe, and INGP Chair, Monica James attended the event. During the event, Wolfe and James spoke with attendees and shared information about the INGP and Wolfe's campaign from the comfort of the Green Party of Northeast Indiana's booth. The goal of the picnic was to celebrate working people with free food and beer. There were performances by the Musician's Union members of the Philharmonic, and classic Labor Day Bingo. Continue reading

Why in the world am I running?

I am running for office because another world is possible!I live in a district and a nation facing huge problems like poor access to the basics like healthcare, housing, education, and justice. WE MUST ACT NOW and demand more from our government.  Continue reading

Margaret Flowers endorses Andy Ellis & Glenn Ross

We currently have an opportunity for the Green Party to make a leap of progress by showing it is a viable party that can win elections and defeat the leadership of the Democratic Party in Maryland. Andy Ellis and Glenn Ross are taking on one of the most entrenched delegations in the state, including the Corrupt Democratic Whip and a Democratic Machine Boss who are angling to become the leaders of the Democrats in Annapolis in a race that will have three winners. Continue reading

Why I Researched the Flint Water Crisis and What I Found

In November of 2015 I launched my radio show, The Offensive Feminist with Jenny K on Cave Radio Broadcasting. This happened to coincide with the public disclosure of lead found in the water of Flint, a story which I followed for all 100 episodes before going on hiatus in January of this year. As I followed the news on the breaking Flint Water Crisis, I noticed discrepancies and contradictory information being shared in the news. Continue reading

Dunlea Joins Rise for Climate Rally in NYC

Calls for 100% Clean Energy by 2030, A Halt to Fossil Fuels, State Carbon Tax, Divestment (NYC) Mark Dunlea, the Green Party candidate for State Comptroller, joined today in the Rise for Climate rally in NYC as part of the worldwide climate actions on September 8. Dunlea will speak about divestment at the September 8th event at the Governor’s mansion in Albany. Continue reading

It's Time to Change the Game

We are excited to announce that Glenn L. Ross For State Delegate-MD 45 and Andy Ellis For State Delegate-MD 45 have launched a new joint website where we will demonstrate how we bring our experiences together and form a team that will better serve the people of the 45th district. While we have been running together the whole race, we think that in these last few weeks it is important to emphasize what real teamwork and coalitions can mean for the 45th district. Continue reading

Paul Glover responds to Cumberland Valley Rising

Paul Glover is the Green Party candidate for Governor of Pennsylvania. There will be a Welcome Party for Paul Glover at 2:00 pm on Saturday, September 15, at the William Way LGBT Community Center, 1315 Spruce Street in Washington Square West, Philadelphia. Glover will answer your questions and organize support for his candidacy. Here is a sample of what you may expect. In August, Paul Glover answered 19 questions concerning his political position on issues that will affect the next Governor of PA. The questions were presented by Cumberland Valley Rising in south-central PA. Continue reading

Connecticut Congressional Candidate backed by Women’s March CT

August 30, 2018 — Congressional Candidate Michelle Louise Bicking has recently been honored with the distinction of being an officially Approved Candidate by the Women’s March CT. Bicking is the first Caribbean-American woman of color to run for Congress in Connecticut, and is promoting a progressive platform of Peace and Justice, versus a long-term incumbent, Joe Courtney, who is the recipient of much support and many contributions over the years from manufacturers of military weapons. Bicking is a fervent Pro-Choice supporter as well as advocate for pay and gender equity and LGBTQIA rights. Additionally her platform distinguishes her from Courtney in calling for Eliminating Mass Incarceration and Student Debt, and Building a Peace Economy, as outlined on her website and on Facebook. Continue reading

Audit purchases of poisonous Roundup by the State of Missouri

St Louis, MO – In July 2018, a San Francisco jury awarded $289 million to black groundskeeper Dewayne Johnson due to cancer resulting from his exposure to Monsanto’s herbicide Roundup. As Missouri Green Party candidate for State Auditor, I am calling for a full audit of purchases of Roundup for use on roadways, state parks, schools and government buildings. I also want to know how much could be lost in lawsuits if the State of Missouri fails to pledge to not use Roundup and similar herbicides. Continue reading