Biodynamic Agriculture & Overall Chemical Use

Rarely do we hear much about the most foundational change we need to and can address - the conservative estimates that Industrial agriculture contributes as much as 40% to climate change AND the fact that chemical use, whether in chemical fertilizers/nutrients, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, are creating the issues we face today: escalating "modern" illnesses and medical healthcare crises, poorer quality of life, economic hardships, international relations/wars, climate change. It is also widely known that our industrial methods with agriculture are not only not necessary, they have actually destroyed the natural wisdom and synergy nature gives to crops and animals in terms of macro- and micronutrients; going from supporting health to destroying it. Manmade manipulations, whether thru forced & unnatural hybridizations, GMO technology, unnatural cross-breedings, sterilization of soils with chemical "nutrients", and so on, are directly damaging our bodily functions such as hormone interruptions, CNS/brain damage, epidemic proliferation of disease causing bacteria due to loss of fertile soil microorganisms which we need to stay healthy. These same microorganisms/bacteria which have the most important role of all in the life cycle - the role of decontaminating waste products while releasing natural nutrients from all dying matter; flora, fauna, or human. Industrial Ag has given us not only crops that have chemicals which have never been washable when sprayed on crops, but now those same chemicals are in every cell of commercial plants and this has actually increased the amount of chemical applications to those very crops. Monocultured crops and unnatural manipulations of them have made them less resilient to climate changes and pests AND require drastically more water than in their natural, unhybridized heirloom forms. And, sadly, manmade forced changes DO overtake nature's health promoting genetic make up of our crops and animals. This should be terrifying to all of us when we have allowed Big Ag to create patents that have allowed terminator seeds to be developed - essentially making it so reproduction of crops is not possible; imagine that taking over more and more fertile crops? It is happening and has been happening. There is no need for any of this, hence, making it one of the first priorities in shifting how we impact the Earth and all living things on it, including ourselves. Thank you.

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