Investment in High Speed Rail

High Speed Rail roads are vital to the future of our economy and it is a tragedy that the United States does not even have a strong consumer rail system. High Speed Rail is also a vital clean alternative to cars and planes and serves an important role in combatting climate change. Furthermore the majority of Americans support this and in the wake of the recent Amtrak Crash it is more vital than ever that we update our rail infrastructure.

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    This is a “Win-Win” strategy for transportation efficiency, energy efficiency, the climate, jobs, and people who need to travel from place to place. Search the web for “Solutionary Rail” and see info at and, among other places. This would attract various constituencies to support the Green Party, and the fact that this is both visionary and practical would attract further interest in the Green Party.
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    …and I am saying it would be better to identify “the larger plan” as the issue up front. We’re talking about four issues to go with the four pillars, shouldn’t they be big issues?
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    Howard, this is meant to be a part of our larger plan. For example our food production changes will include the phasing out of current factory farming methods, and adopting more sustainable methods of raising livestock and growing crops.
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    Okay, by a broader focus I mean something like Redesign the nation’s, Energy, Food production and Transportation Infrastructure for the 21st century. Such a project would of course include the mass transit systems mentioned. If we want big change we need big ideas.
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    High Speed Rail is an absolute must for American infrastructure. Coupled with clean buses, light and intracity rail, and other mass transit methods, this proposal is a necessity at every level of the nation.
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    Something we want to see in our future, certainly, but may be too narrow a focus for the front line issues.
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