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Green Party Ballot Status

After the 2004 Election

Prior to the 2004 Election

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The Green Party has ballot status in Utah and Vermont.  However, Cobb/LaMarche did not appear on the ballot lines in these two states.

Statewide Race: 20% of popular vote OR
petition 3% of total vote in last governor's race (approximately 40,000).

3% in Gubernatorial Election OR
3% of Gubernatorial Vote total registered as GREEN.

Petition to get on the ballot Retain ballot: __ % of total registered voters (~16,000).

10,000 Signatures

Total registered voters = 1% of the #voters in gubernatorial election. OR signatures = 10% of # voters in gubernatorial election.

10,000 signatures OR 1,000 voters to register as Green.


All lines are office-by-office. Any party receiving 1% of vote retains ballot status for THAT office only. Party Line status achieved with 20% in race for Governor or has 20% of all registered voters.

235 registered members.

Any party organized on a statewide basis can qualify for the ballot.

37,153 signatures

Petition signatures from .001 of registered voters.

Retain Ballot:10% in a statewide race;
10% of all votes cast in at least 50% of Cong. dist.;
10% of all votes cast in six state senate districts with lowest vote totals
10% of all votes cast in at least 50% of all state rep districts.

10,033 signatures

No procedure for party in 2004

No procedure for party in 2004

2% in gubernatorial or Presidential election to get and retain Party Ballot Status.

16,714 signatures

No procedure for 2002, must run for president (2%) in 2004 for 2006 ballot.

140,000 registrants
(note: Bill pending Governor's Signature: 1,000 registered voters and pay one-time fee of $1,000 OR any candidate receives 5% in statewide election).

5% or more in gubernatorial OR Presidential election secures ballot status for 4 years.

Party Ballot Line: gubernatorial or presidential candidate receives 1% of vote OR 10,000 signatures 'supporting' the party. All recognized political parties have ballot access for President.


Statewide candidacy

Statewide candidacy

5% or more for any statewide office, plus at least one vote in every county, in at least one two consecutive elections. 5% in any statewide race extends ballot access 4 years.

Organized as a state party.

No procedure for party in 2004


4,810 signatures OR achieve ballot status for individual candidates in 3 Congressional districts.

1) votes in any county, state or fed statewide race = 1% of total vote in the state's Cong. districts OR 2) 1% of all registered voters; OR 3) signatures for minor party status = 1% of total vote in the state's Cong. districts; OR 4) petition w/250 signatures on behalf of a statewide candidate AND 100 signatures on
behalf of a non-statewide candidate.

13,260 signatures

no procedure for party in 2004

5% in a statewide race (only in the governors or Presidential race).

No procedure for party in 2004

58,842 signatures

7,000 signatures

32,290 signatures

51,781 signatures

1% of vote in statewide race and registration of one-tenth of 1% OR one-half of 1% registered.


15% of the total enrollment in all parties (excluding independents).

5% for President or governor, in either of the last two elections.


8,364 signatures

41,322 signatures

1% of the previous gubernatorial vote. Signatures must be gathered w/in 75 days after primary election and only from people who didn't vote in the primary.

by statewide candidacy


no procedure for party in 2004


no procedure for party in 2004; for 2006 must run for statewide race (5%) in 2004



no procedure for party in 2004; for 2006 must run for governor (1%) in 2004

Receive at least 1% in any statewide race. Ballot status lasts for two years. Party can only lose status in a gubernatorial election year not in a presidential election year.

3,644 signatures




Party Ballot Status = ballot line reserved by election results, voter registration totals or by signature petition.
YES/NO = Green Party has ballot status
(Cobb Yes) = David Cobb and Pat LaMarche are on the 2004 ballot.
(Cobb Pending) = Awaiting decision by state (or state party) to place Presidential ticket on the ballot.


"The Green Party is no longer the alternative, the Green Party is the imperative"

~ Rosa Clemente