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Not so long ago we, the people, used to be able to just set up a table in a public place & register voters. Though our leaders squawk about "democracy" & make us fund & fight their wars for it, their new laws make it almost a criminal offense to register voters!

So it's up to you.

Do you want to STAY embedded with one of the Twin Powers? Are you on board with voting FOR the lesser of 2 evils, as you see it, for ever & ever? OR do you want to see a better direction for our nation away from the two parties who have kept all others OUT of the debate?

NOW they BOTH OWN THIS MESS?! They may RUN, but they can no longer hide.

It's time to leave the two party system with their paralyzing corporate driven do nothing good for the people hate & fear based politics! They bait you by saying that "only one of us can win". Or they keep you on their flypaper with their exclusive primaries that block real democracy by leaving out everyone that does not "bear the mark" of their party. These are the same primaries that never seem to get the one you wanted in anyway. Aren't they?

But don't just give up & stop using your right to vote. If our votes did not matter they would not spend so much to BUY them every election! Don't head out screaming into the night & just join a party that has no platform, such as "Independent" or "No Party Affiliation". These two choices will leave you, essentially, directionless & neither speaks of your values.

So LEAVE the corporate run 2 party system & choose a party that has your values & direction.

Want candidates that DO NOT take money from corporations & special interest PACs?
Register / Vote Green Party

Want peace?
Register / Vote Green Party

Want to stand with the party that sees free public education through college as a right?
Register / Vote Green Party

Want corporations & religion OUT of politics?
Register / Vote Green Party

Want clean energy instead of toxic?
Register / Vote Green Party

Want fair & balanced wages, unions & workers rights?
Register / Vote Green Party

Want common sense & good conscience in politics?
Register / Vote Green Party

Want an end to those fake wars on drugs & poverty?
Register / Vote Green Party

Want to see our infrastructure repaired & our pooled resources used right here in the USA?
Register / Vote Green Party

Want the open DISCLOSURE of your countries dealings as the norm?
Register / Vote Green Party

We understand that it IS hard to believe anyone who wants to run for office, because we have been in this corrupt system for SO LONG. But there is a way out.

Keep the faith ... we have.

Register Green as a commitment to your own best interests.

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