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Jacob Holloway

Jacob Holloway is a community organizer and  political activist, whose expertise is central to several successful ongoing and past community organizing projects, including chairman of the Arkansas State University Community Garden.

Jacob received his Bachelors of Science degree in Agricultural Economics from the University of Arkansas in 2010, and is currently a completing a Masters Program in Agricultural Science at Arkansas State University-Jonesboro.  He has been sought after by various initiative organizations and campaigns across Arkansas, to serve as an advisor and as a field organizer. Jacob currently sits of the board of advisors for the Arkansas Drug Policy Education Group and the Green Party of Arkansas.

Jacob's expertise in and dedication to sustainable agriculture and communities is exemplified by his current activities as as member of MAREH (Mission of Applications of Renewable Energy for Humanity). With his extensive experience with an international development program in rural Belize he is currently working with other small community planners and developers to promote appropriate and maintainable agricultural techniques, by working with local educators to develop school and community gardening and farming programs.  He is currently training to become a Master Gardener and is working with other experts to develop a community supported agriculture farm.

Jacob is an avid environmentalist and naturalist and is dedicated to the challenge of developing feasible and healthy sources of food through agriculture and gardening. Jacob currently lives in Jonesboro Arkansas and will be pursuing a PhD. in Aquaculture and Fisheries from the University of Arkansas in Pine Bluff in 2012.