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Colia Clark

Colia Clark, speaking about the need to make a quality education a right for all New Yorkers, regardless of their race or economic status.

"A quality education is essential to equality of opportunity. Too many working families and communities of color find their children trapped in an education system that fails them. And a college education is an unrealistic dream for too many New York families, and even if they succeed, they are drowned in debt. The voters of NYC approved making CUNY tuition free but this right was stripped from us by the backroom dealings of the bondholders and other Wall Street barons. The Greens will reclaim the right to a college education for the average New Yorker," said Ms. Clark.

Ms. Clark is a veteran of the civil rights movement. Her work has included activism in the fields of women's rights and workers' rights, as well as activism and advocacy for homeless people and youth. Most recently, she has worked with the Cynthia McKinney for President campaign with "Power to the People". Clark is a chair of Grandmothers for the Release of Mumia Abu Jamal. During the Civil Rights era, Colia Clark was a Special Assistant to Medgar W. Evers, field Secretary for the NAACP. Clark later joined the Mississippi Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC) doing voter registration work.

Ms. Clark has recently been active in humanitarian relief efforts for Haiti. She believes that the rebuilding of Haiti starts with the removal of occupying troops from the UN and the US.

"As Senator from New York, I will stand for legislation which encourages the US Congress to end the longstanding US policy of meddling in the affairs of our southern neighbors. The age of the Monroe Doctrine has long been outdated. Our Southern neighbors in the Caribbean, Mexico, Central and South America are becoming more and more distant because of the USA bully economics, politics and social policies and programs. Its time for a new way of doing business on Capitol Hill. The USA must free itself from the arrogance of power and work in cooperation and equity with its neighbors. We need to bring American troops home not only from Iraq and Afghanistan but the hundred other countries where we waste our tax dollars acting as the bullies of the world."