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Evergreen Chou

I came to the United States from Taiwan when I was nine years old, and lived in the Bronx for the next seventeen years.

I've been a worker since I was fourteen years old. My first job was after school as a stockboy at a supermarket. During my four years at the Bronx High School of Science, I worked evenings as a waiter at the Peking Garden Restuarant on the Grand Concourse in the Bronx.

I attended City College in Harlem, while working nights at Citibank. Basketball filled every waking hour between school and work, but somehow the NBA overlooked me when making their picks.

My wife DayStar and I have lived in Flushing Queens since 1992, in a small apartment in downtown Flushing. We've recently celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary. We've raised our 19-year old nephew "Little Horse" or Xiao Ma, since he was six years old. He's been a Green since childhood, and is a pre-med student at Queens College.


In 1996, when I heard that Ralph Nader was running for president on the Green Party ballot with Native American activist Winona LaDuke as his vice-presidential choice, my wife and I immediately volunteered for the campaign.

The Green Party's 10 Key Values became a transforming guideline for my life and politics.

Peace and Future Focus or "Seventh Generational Thinking" as the Native Americans call it - considering the effects our choices of today will have on the Seventh Generation to come.

I volunteered for a second Green Party campaign for the 1998 campaign of the late "Grandpa" Al Lewis for Governor; getting petitions signed on my lunch break and after work. He gave me advice that I'll never forget, "If you do your best, if you're honest and you get your message through and you don't sell out - then you've won!".

In May of 1999 DayStar and I co-founded the the Flushing Greens. In 2001 I ran as a Green Party candidate for City Council District 20 Flushing Queens, in 2002 for the State Assembly District 22, and in 2004 again for New York State Assembly AD 22.

I am currently the Green Party State Committee Member of A.D. 22. On October 2007, I was appointed to the Neighborhood Advisory Board (N.A.D.). I'm a member of the Organization of Chinese Americans (OCA) Long Island Chapter.

I'm also the Scoutmaster of Troop 888 in Downtown Flushing sponsored by the Flushing Greens. Our troop is committed to citizenship and volunteering in our community. The Green Party has come a long way since I first joined in 1996. The stands we took for saving the environment, for social justice, for small business and local economics vs the big corporations and for an end to war have been proven with time to be the right thing to do.

It is not enough to buy Green. It's time to Vote Green! Voting Green will insure that you have a future on this planet.