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Gregor Knauer

Air, water, public & private lands must be protected from the depredations of pollution and careless stewardship. We will have an opportunity to make State Trust Land swaps more transparent with a ‘Yes’ vote on prop. 110. A ‘No’ vote on prop. 301 will prevent the legislature from sweeping land conservation monies. And for goodness' sake, vote ‘No’ on prop. 109. How in Heaven's name can hunting and fishing be the preferred way to manage wildlife? Establish a Civilian Conservation Corps for public education, habitat restoration, reforestation, and cleaning of polluted waterways. Limit sprawl. Unrestrained suburban growth, gobbling up agricultural land and pristine desert, can be reversed. Educate to reduce the overconsumption of living space. Convert roadways to parkland and agriculture. Infilling with vertical and multi-use density is an enlivening alternative to impractical and unsustainable fringe development. (Vid: arcology.) End uranium mining, and phase out nuclear power. (There is no responsible disposal of nuclear waste.) We must mightily tax oil and coal and natural gas, and seek alternatives. New sun, wind, temperature differential, maybe small-scale hydrogen, technology development and adoption, with electric transmission corridors, can be state infrastructure projects. End military exemptions from anti-pollution standards. Work with the Corporation Commission to reduce consumption of water, fuel, and electricity through conservation measures. Renewable Energy Standards are a terrific leap forward. Our state’s resources are a shared heritage.

I value teamwork, oneness: we’re all in this together. Let’s approach problems in a civil and moderate manner, not from intractable ideological extremes. Adopting an environmentally sound, steady-state economy will ensure that we live in equilibrium with the natural world. God bless Arizona.

Debate Participation: Invited