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2012 Endorsements for Green Party Candidates

David A Marshall
Endorsed by The Portland Phoenix, Maine


The rare councilor who stood up for Occupy, and who stands up in general to ridiculous city rules (are we seriously back talking about artists on sidewalks again?!), Dave Marshall understands the community he serves and embraces its bizarreness and apparent contradictions. He's progressive without being unfriendly to business (though he knows actual humans come first), and unafraid of raising big ideas despite troubled times. (Can you say streetcar?)

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David Marshall
Endorsed by Portland, Maine Education Association

The Portland Education Association is pleased to endorse City Council, District 2, David Marshall

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David Marshall
Endorsed by The Maine League of Young Voters

"During his first two terms on the City Council, Marshall has been a strong advocate for the creative economy. He believes the restaurant scene and nightlife should continue to expand in Portland. As a city councilor he has fought to improve the quality of public transportation, has pushed to increase the supply of affordable housing, and he keenly appreciates the role immigrants play in our community. If elected again, he wants to ensure that the economy is built to match the character, assets and strengths of our fair city. Marshall steadfastly opposes allowing a tar sands pipeline to be built through Portland and has long been an advocate of rebuilding major arterials like Franklin and Spring streets so they are more than mini-superhighways in the middle of a vibrant city. He’s been a great city councilor for six years and we are proud to endorse him for another term."

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Fred Horch
Endorsed by The Times Record, Maine

Elect Horch in District 66

We believe Fred Horch fills the bill for Brunswick: a free-thinking, environmentally minded independent with legal training and small-business experience.

In 2010, in a three-way race against an incumbent Democrat and a Republican, he came only 200 votes short of election. With the candidates in this race chosen by caucus after defections, this open seat is well within his reach.

We encourage you to vote for him.

Additional information can be found here.

Melissa Schlag
Endorsed by The New London Day, Connecticut

Going Green in 33rd Senate District

But in Ms. Schlag we find a candidate brimming with ideas and raising issues that major party candidates often avoid. The common thread in her political philosophy is a desire to "reinvest in the middle class." A small business owner and resident of Higganum, Ms. Schlag points to property tax reform as a major component of rearranging a tax system that falls disproportionately heavy on the middle class. While comprehensive reform is at best a difficult long-term goal, Ms. Schlag is realistic enough to set reasonable short-term goals, such as property tax relief for seniors over 65 in the form of tax abatements proportional to their income.

She calls for reorganizing state economic development policies to place greater emphasis on small business; for utilization of health care managers to help seniors navigate the confusing billing and benefit process and in the process drive costs down by reducing billing mistakes, erroneous charges, and fraud; and she wants to close loopholes that allow corporate tax dollars to slip out of state. The legislature could benefit from an innovator.

Countering these strengths is the political reality Ms. Schlag would be a third party candidate in two-party legislature. We suspect, however, that Ms. Schlag is bright enough to find partnerships.

Co-founding Citizens for Protection of Public Lands, she showed determination in leading the fight against the so-called "Haddam Land Swap" that would have allowed a developer to gain prime, protected state-owned waterfront land in return for an isolated parcel. In the process the group exposed the lack of safeguards against the legislature pushing through such deals. We expect she would fight just as hard for her district.

In the 33rd Senate District The Day endorses Green Party candidate Melissa Schlag.

Additional information can be found here.

Melissa Schlag
Endorsed by The Norwich Bulletin, Connecticut

Our View: Schlag offering fresh, unique perspective

In the open 33rd state Senatorial District race, we endorse the candidacy of Melissa Schlag, the Green Party candidate in the three-way contest.

It is not easy for third party candidates to succeed in Connecticut. We’re impressed with Schlag’s determination and hard work in being the exception.

As a Green Party member, Schlag understands that she will need to work closely with her colleagues from both sides of the aisle if she is to make the kind of meaningful contributions in moving Connecticut forward that she hopes to accomplish. The diligence that she has demonstrated throughout this campaign gives us the confidence that she is more than capable of developing those necessary relationships.

Furthermore, if the balance of power in the Senate narrows after this election - as we suspect it might - we believe Schlag can be a strong voice for compromise, and an effective legislator in working with her colleagues in finding solutions that serve the best interests of all residents.

Melissa Schlag deserves strong consideration.

Additional information can be found here.

Seth Berner
Endorsed by The Portland Phoenix, Maine


Both Seth Berner and Erik Jorgensen are impressive candidates with different strengths. Berner, a longtime peace activist, Green Independent, and lawyer, is a passionate advocate for the poor, the disenfranchised, and children; his campaign website overflows with treatises on healthcare, taxes, and "people power." Jorgensen, on the other hand, has a more pragmatic approach — after more than a decade working with the non-profit Maine Humanities Council, he's able to rattle off specific policy proposals and he might be taken more seriously in Augusta. Still, in this age of plastic politicians, we're more attracted to rough-around-the-edges Berner, of whose convictions we can always be certain.

Additional information can be found here.

Tom MacMillan
Endorsed by The Portland Phoenix, Maine


As a progressive Green partier and Portland native with deep roots in his community, Tom MacMillan is well situated to serve his West End district, and to bring a principled, fresh voice to Augusta. Of particular note is his co-authorship of a resolution - approved by the city council in January - calling on members of Maine's congressional delegation to support an amendment to the US Constitution abolishing corporate personhood. Practically, the resolution had little effect, but symbolically, on this and many issues, MacMillan's allegiances are clearly with the 99 percent.

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