grassroots democracy

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    First be clear about what grassroots, aka direct participatory “democracy” is! Direct democracy is about having a significant say in political decision making at all levels. It is NOT voting for a corporate stooge, bankster shill, or oligarchic lackey to rule for and over you. The U.S. is not a democracy but a representative system of governance – like Emma Goldman said, "if voting could change anything it would be illegal. Democracy Yes! Representation, NO!
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    I would love to see a grassroots popular education movement—a kind of university of the streets—that reconnects ordinary people with their history of collective action. We have become so individualistic (schools deeply reinforce this) and conditioned by electronic distractions and corporate media that even those of us who lived through social movements have forgotten what we are capable of. We now confuse large “events” with social organizing and movements. Placed-based education that connects people (face-to-face, not just electronically) with each other and their histories might be a remedy, understanding that this means we must be willing to confront our own contradictions and shortcomings in order to learn from past mistakes, but also be inspired by knowledge of what we collective action is capable of doing at every level of society.
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