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Interns Wanted
Work at the National Office or Help a Green Party Candidate Get Elected.

The Green Party wants YOU to work at our national office.

The Green Party has an office in Washington, DC and needs qualified young people to come to Washington and help us change the world.

Many universities support students in related field of study as they work in Washington and learn how politics really works. The Green Party is not currently able to pay interns, but can provide support equipment. Skills need range from internet research, correspondence with phone callers and letter writers, general office work, and support for our candidates. Past involvement with the Green Party is not required, but is helpful.

If you are interested, please send us a resume indicating what dates you are interested in working and what the terms would be. The Green Party has need for interns year-round, but does get many requests.

Send cover letter and resume to:
Green Party Interns
PO Box 57065
Washington, DC 20037

Become a Candidate Intern.

The Green Party wants YOU to help elect some of our best candidates.

Coming soon on this page you'll find information and links to some of the most exciting campaigns in the country. In exchange for room, board and (for some campaigns) some token spending money, you'll work directly with the candidate and campaign staff doing the nitty-gritty work of a real campaign: walking precincts, managing the office, coordinating volunteers, scheduling the candidate and getting out the vote. There simply is no better campaign training than working on an actual Green campaign.

Each campaign has its own needs - some are for a few months, some are for a few weeks. Some pay better than others. Some pay not at all. Some are full-time; some are a few hours per week. If you are in school, we encourage you to attempt to earn academic credit for an internship with the campaign.

But the Green Party needs campaign workers like you to win more races. Just ask Dean Zimmerman, Minneapolis City Council member. "I don't think I could have won my race in 2001 without my full-time intern - he freed me up to be the candidate and not the office manager."

Many of our races in November of 2005 will be very close, and your participation very well could be the difference between defeat and victory.

We will also include information on internships with elected Greens as well as with the national and state parties on this site.

If you want top-notch training in independent, progressive politics, this is your opportunity.

Applying Interns (for candidate interns only)
General correspondence:

Available internships coming soon.


Notice to candidates, elected officials and state/local parties:
if you'd like to post your internship on this page, please email the following information to
Campaign listing:
Name of candidate:
Office sought:
Campaign website
Day of election:
Time period of internship:
Room and board provided? (answer must be yes):
Weekly stipend:
Main duties:
Intern reports to:
Expected hours per week:
Work out of office or home?:
Total number of interns wanted:
Contact information (name, email and phone):
What should applicants submit to the campaign:
A paragraph on the campaign:

The only thing we ask in return is a report sent to the Green Party at listing the names of campaign workers matched up through this site and how it worked out.

All questions:


"The Green Party is no longer the alternative, the Green Party is the imperative"

~ Rosa Clemente