Strenghten anti-retaliation protections

Many employees are afraid to come forward to report illegalities, breaches of ethics, discrimination or harassment at the work place. Currently the 'remedy' structures are seriously flawed and benefit corporations, lawyers and perpetrators. All too easily the "investigating" bureaucracies will dismiss an issue because an employer concocts a false pretense to bury/excuse retaliation actions. All too easily retaliators toy with timelines, plot and wait, and punish those who come forward to better their workplace by 'non-material' actions which the investigators dismiss as 'non-material' if money loss is not involved. This problem sits at the heart of festering corruption that plagues our corporations and government. We need a structure that recognizes the heart of the problem for all human beings to be able to work in an atmosphere of integrity, and be free in the land of the brave to come forward and hold employers accountable for law and ethics without fear of 'black-listing' or losing their livelihood, career, health assurance. One more reason why health assurance (not insurance that is gambling) needs to be accessible free from corporate/employer sponsorship (which is a drag on business and also a risk factor as stated above that may intimidate those who need to come forward for human dignity and ethics).

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