Cap and Trade Water

Typically, especially in Illinois, water is used mostly for industrial use and agriculture. Fifty percent of all water used in Illinois is to wash coal. Residential and local small business rely on city or county water treatment programs to treat water that has been contaminated by these industrial and agricultural processes. In food processing, processing establishments are not allowed to sell contaminated product. Beyond this industrial contamination, only biological and physical contamination which occur in nature is of concern and these are easily and cheap to resolve. Why do we allow these organizations to contaminate our water and should we have to pay to clean the contamination of that water for which we had no part in contaminating? A type of cap and trade could be applied to water services. Basic service would be free for individual with a limited amount of clean water; like 30 gallons a day. As each individual has a right to water because they have the right to life and in a society where every stitch of land is owned, the only way to guarantee this right is to allocate resources to each individual. Observing the right to water would not create undue burden on society. Other services, such as soft water, water for lawn or garden service, large industrial or business use, etc would come with a premium price. This would have the added benefit of reducing waste. As in Cap and Trade, individuals who do not use all the water allocated to them could sell those water rights to whomever is willing to pay at a premium. Cap and trade carbon emissions trading are supported by a wide margin of the general population in spite of the misconceptions with 77% in a Zogby poll showing in support. Why not use this idea for other "Green" purpose?. It can be enacted community by community or a larger scale depending on geography and political will. I submit this idea with this idea in mind... That no person who has water to drink, food to eat, a place to rest, a school to learn, who is healthy cannot so easily be manipulated, controlled, or exploited. So let's make sure those rights are recognized.

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