Down comes the flag of hatred


Green Party members everywhere thank the state government of South Carolina for pulling down the Confederate flag and encourage other state governments to do the same.

Statement from the South Carolina Green Party:

"The South Carolina Green Party, a political party founded more than anything on the principles of peace among all peoples and peace with our environment, strongly condemns the tragedy that recently befell our state. What happened was not an accident, as some have suggested. It was the deliberate product of an ethos of hatred, a hatred that falsely represents itself as heritage, or history, when the true heritage of South Carolina, apart from the goals of the Confederacy, is noble and well intended. It is time now to remove the symbols of that unfortunate chapter in South Carolina's history, encouraging those descendants of the Confederate armies to cherish the memories of their ancestors in cemeteries and museums without being mistaken as publicly applauding the brutality that slavery brought to the African-American people. Let us move on, united, Black, White, Red, and Brown, living together in peace for ever more."