Current Green Officeholders

first name last name office city district county state election year
Alvin Clay Justice of the Peace District 6 Mississippi AR 2012
Kade Holliday County Clerk Craighead AR 2012
Roger Watkins Constable District 5 Craighead AR 2012
Sylvia Aroth Neighborhood Council Los Angeles At-Large Community Officers, Venice Neighborhood Council Los Angeles CA 2012
Sylvia Arredondo Neighborhood Council Los Angeles Members-At-Large, Wilmington Neighborhood Council Los Angeles CA 2012
Illijana Asara Board of Directors Big Lagoon Community Service District Humboldt CA 2013
Larry Bragman City Council Fairfax Marin CA 2011
William Bretz Planning Group Crest, Dehesa, Granite Hills, Harbison Canyon - Seat 8 San Diego CA 2010
Roo Cantada Park and Recreation District Oak Tree Community Nevada CA 2010
Dave Clark Board of Directors Cardiff School San Diego CA 2010