2012 Presidential Nominating Convention

 2012 ANM

Nominated Jill Stein & Cheri Honkala
Baltimore, Maryland
University of Maryland Law School &
Inner Harbor Holiday Inn
July 12 – July 15

The schedule can be viewed here as a PDF.

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2008 Presidential Nominating Convention

Green Party 2008 Convention: Live Green, Vote Green

July 10-13, Chicago Symphony Center
Presidential Nomination June 12
Chicago, Illinois

Cynthia McKinney, President
Rosa Clemente, Vice-President


Nomination Process and Final Vote Count
Final Vote Count
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Rules of the Presidential Nominating Convention
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Presidential Candidate Questionnaires
Jesse Johnson
Cynthia McKinney
Kent Mesplay


Cynthia McKinney, presidential acceptance speech (June 12)

Rosa Clemente, vice-presidential acceptance speech (June 12)

David Cobb, McKinney nomination speech (June 12)

Jesse Johnson, presidential candidate speech (June 12)

Post-nomination press conference w/McKinney/Clemente (June 12)
Malik Rahim, opening keynote speech (June 12th)
McKinney/Clemente, short opening speech before Nomination (June 12)
Kent Mesplay, presidential candidate forum (June 11)
Cynthia McKinney, presidential candidate forum (June 11)

Kat Swift, presidential candidate forum (June 11)


Green Party Convention - Davey D on Pacifica (July 12, 2008)
Part One | Part Two

Third party politics and issues and the need to break up the "two-party duopoly" are articulated by Malik Rahim, Cynthia McKinney, Rosa Clemente, Ralph Nader, David Cobb, Mike Feinstein, Ruth Weill, Scott McLarty and others at the convention.

  General Schedule | Detailed Schedule | Workshops | Press Kit

The Palmer House Hilton was the official hotel for the 2008 Green National Convention. Several meetings, workshops and activities took place at this union hotel located in downtown Chicago.

State Delegation Media Contacts

2004 Annual National Meeting & Presidential Nominating Convention

2004 anm

 Forward! 2004

Milwaukee Wisconsin
Hyatt Regency and the Midwest Center
June 23-28, 2004

Nominated David Cobb & Pat LaMarche

Final Vote Count

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2000 Convention

The Association of State Green Parties National Nominating Convention

June 23, 24
Denver, Colorado
Holiday Inn

Ralph Nader & Winona LaDuke

Jim Hightower was keynote speaker at the convention. Other speakers included: Manning Marable, Helen Caldicott, John Anderson, Jello Biafra, Ann Northrop and Medea Benjamin. The convention was attended by over 300 voting delegates from 39 states. Over 1200 people attended the final nominating event. Also attending were representatives from 15 foreign Green Parties as well as Green Party Federations of the Americas, Europe and AFRICA.

The Green Party: Building a Better Democracy

Ralph Nader and Winona LaDuke were nominated with 92% of the vote, with the remainder being split evenly between Jello Biafra and Stephen Gaskin. The convention delegates also approved the convention platform that Nader and LaDuke ran on.

The convention was a big success in bringing the Green Party message to millions of Americans who had never heard of it and demonstrated that the Green Party is the serious alternative to the two-party duopoly.

More information about the convention (including vote count)

Convention coverage from C-SPAN

Video coverage from Mike Feinstein's archive

Friday, June 23rd

Green Party 2000 Convention - Alex Gonzalez de Peru
Alex Gonzalez, President of the Green Party of Peru - Alternativa Verde
Time: 10:01 

Saturday, June 24th

Green Party 2000 Convention - Jim Hightower plenary speech
Introduced by Texas Green David Cobb
Time: 44:10 

Green Party 2000 Convention - Manning Marable plenary speech
Introduced by Elizabeth Horton Sheff, City Councilmember, Hartford,
Time: 37:23 

Green Party 2000 Convention - Marco Antonio Mroz, Brazil
International Secretary of the Green Party of Brazil speaks to plenary
Time: 06:11 

Green Party 2000 Convention - Marian Coyne, European Greens
Co-spokesperson of the European Federation of Green Parties, speaks to
plenary session http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kZyhDVDqThg 
Time: 07:33  

Green Party 2000 Convention- Adamou Garba, Green Party of Niger
Plenary speech by Adamou Garba, Green Party of Niger and Secretary
General of the Federation of African Green Parties
Time: 08:01 

Green Party 2000 Convention - Interviews with Key Figures
Interviews with California Green Senate candidate Medea Benjamin; Santa
Monica City Councilmember Mike Feinstein; former Texas Agriculture
Secretary Jim Hightower, former Illinois Congressmember John Anderson,
Green Presidential candidate Stephen Gaskin. Echnaton Vedder.
Interviews by Mary Moore & Adrian Maher. Comments by Green organizer
Echnaton Vedder.
Time: 32:17 

Green Party 2000 Convention - Interviews with Key Figures 2
Interviews with Green Vice-Presidential candidate Winona LaDuke; Jello
Biafra, David Brower. Interviewed by Mary Moore & Adrian Maher.
Comments by Green organizers Deborah Howes (Oregon) and Tony Affigne
Time: 26:05 

Sunday, June 25th

Green Party 2000 Convention -
Ralph Nader Presidential Acceptance Speech
Time: 59:32

Green Party 2000 Convention - Green Officeholder Plenary Speeches
Speeches by Santa Monica City Councilmember Mike Feinstein; Member of
Mexico City legislature Arnold Ricalde de Jager, Partido Verde
Ecologista de Mexico; Gail Dixon, D.C. Board of Education; Dr. Sidney
Wolfe, Professor of Internal Medicine.
Time: 56:36 

1996 Convention

Building Critical Mass

Monday, August 19th, Freud Playhouse
University of California, Los Angeles

Ralph Nader, President
Winona LaDuke, Vice-President

Convention Photos


Ralph Nader Presidential Acceptance Speech
Part one - time: 26:27
Part two - time: 33:55
Part three - time: 28:33
Part four - time: 28:37

Green Party 1996 Convention - State Party Reports

State Green Party reports and welcomes from international Green guests, preceding the nomination speech of Ralph Nader for President

International Guests
Niki Kortvelyessy (European Greens)
Marco Antonio Mroz
Walter de Oliveira (Partido Verde do Brasil)
Steve Kisby (Green Party of Canada);

State Reports (in order of appearance) - DC (Bernardo Issel), ME (John Rensenbrink); NJ (Madelaine Hoffman); Moderator (Linda Martin); MN (Jo Haberman); MO (Dee Berry); OH (David Ellison); TN (Winston Grizzard); MS, KY, AL, DEL (Tom Linzey); AK (b); HI (Nikhilananda); CA (David Silva, Betty Traynor); OR (Deborah Howes); Moderators (Charles Laws, Annie Goeke); AZ (Sloane Heywood); CO (Karen Kos); NV (Sandy Rizzo); UT (Greg Jan); NM (Cris Moore, Tammy Davis)
Time: 42:12

Winona LaDuke Vice-Presidential Acceptance Speech (long)

Presidential Nomination Speeches for Ralph Nader

Vice-Presidential acceptance speech by Winona LaDuke, followed by nomination speeches by Keiko Bonk (Hawai'i County Councilmember); Ronnie Dugger (founding editor, the Texas Observer); Sherry Meddick (Greenpeace); and Dan Hamburg (former US Congressmember); moderated by Linda Martin (Hawai'i Green Party) and Mike Feinstein (Green Party of California)
Time: 35:48

Winona LaDuke Vice-Presidential Acceptance Speech (short)

Short version of Winona LaDuke's acceptance speech for Vice-President for the Green Party in 1996. Filmed on the White Earth Reservation in Northern Minnesota where LaDuke lives. A short and long version was prepared, in case of time constraints. This rare short version footage was not broadcast. Instead the longer version was played on the large movie screen in the theatre where the convention took place and was carried live on C-SPAN.
Time: 02:21

Green Party 1996 Convention - Ralph Nader Interviews (part one)

Raw footage of media interviews w/Ralph Nader during the afternoon before his presidential nomination acceptance speech
Time: 33:17

Green Party 1996 Convention – Ralph Nader Interviews (part two)

Raw footage of media interviews w/Ralph Nader during the afternoon before his presidential nomination acceptance speech
Time: 31:34


Radio Coverage by KPFK Pacifica, 90.7FM Los Angeles

Robin Urevitch reports from the floor of the Green Party nominating convention

Excerpts from Ralph Nader's two hour acceptance speech

Nader accepts the presidential nomination and goes on to discuss a number of themes relevant to his candidacy. These include the need for a new majoritarian party in the face of Democrat and Republican similarity; the need for balancing duties as public and private citizens; and the need to return the notion of justice to the center of politics.

Continued excerpts from Ralph Nader's acceptance speech

Nader discusses problems facing the country. These include the concentration of power and wealth; declines in real wages; lack of universal health care; NAFTA, GATT, and the problem of lowest-common-denominator harmonization demanded by free trade regimes; the tendency of the middle class to turn on the poor when the country is in decline; the lack of facts about corporate welfare in debates about public welfare; and skewed budget priorities.

Continued excerpts from Ralph Nader's acceptance speech

Nader outlines solutions to the problems facing the country. These include developing alternative energy sources; following up on pilot housing projects to solve homelessness; a universal single-payer health care system modeled on Canada's; fast, reliable, and pollution-free public transportation; the use of pest management control, crop rotation, and organic farming; shift toward citizen and liberal education; upgraded labor laws; tax checkoffs to prevent pharmaceutical corporations from getting big gains from publicly-funded research; public funding of elections; improved ballot access for third parties; establishing the initiative, referendum, and recall in every state; adding a binding 'none of the above' option to the ballot; 12 year legislative term limits; and the reconstruction of civic community.