Love, Revolution & Sanctuary Cities

As Ernesto Che Guevara said, “At the risk of seeming ridiculous, let me say that the true revolutionary is guided by a great feeling of love. It is impossible to think of a genuine revolutionary lacking this quality.” He is exactly right. And that is why Greens are revolutionary - so very different from establishment Democrats and Republicans Continue reading

Fighting Back and Electing Greens for Five Dollars!

We know that it's been a tough 15 days since Donald Trump was sworn into office. But for many families and communities across the country and around the world, life was not very good under Obama, or Bush before him or Clinton before him. Do you see a pattern here? Continue reading

The time is now--and we need you to do your part

This past Saturday was historic. Hundreds of thousands of women (and men, too) descended on our nation’s capitol for the largest inaugural protest in U.S. history, the Women’s March on Washington D.C. The peaceful marches happened in cities all over the nation. From Boston and Philadelphia to San Francisco and Los Angeles, in large cities and small, hundreds of thousands of people marched in solidarity, for women’s rights and women’s freedom. Continue reading

Civil Rights Leader Attacked by Trump!

Every year, on the third Monday in January, the world pauses to commemorate the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King – a champion of social justice, democracy, and nonviolence. As Greens, we wholeheartedly endorse and support Dr. King’s message, and if ever there a time when we needed his message to ring out across our nation, now is the time. Why? Continue reading

We Reject a Trump/Tillerson World!

In the face of the latest Trump nominee, Rex Tillerson, CEO of Exxon (and poster boy for corporatism and unbridled, climate-shattering drilling/fracking), one thing is clear ... We need to fight back! Continue reading

Have the Democrats run out of gas as a party? Cornel West thinks so!

"I'm not convinced that the Democratic Party can be reformed ... my hunch is the Democratic Party has simply run out of gas." Dr. Cornel West on Democracy Now! with Amy Goodman The time has come for the left to admit the truth—the Democratic Party has, as Cornel West recently said, run out of gas. Continue reading

Greens are Growing and Opposing the Alt-Right in 2017!

The holidays are upon us and this is the final “First Friday/$5 Friday” for 2016. This modest monthly fundraiser—which we launched in May of 2015—has turned into one of the major ongoing fundraisers for Green Party of the United States (GPUS). Today, you can help keep us strong! Continue reading

Unspeakable Police Violence - Will You Help the Protectors?

November 26, 2016 – It was a sorrow-filled so-called "Thanksgiving" at Standing Rock as the Indigenous peoples and Water Protectors kept their vigil against the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) in spite of unspeakable police violence. There were unrelenting assaults against the human rights of these peaceful demonstrators. And frankly, there was nothing to be thankful for except the courage of the Earth and Water Protectors as well as others engaged in peaceful protest. Continue reading

The Opportunity of a Lifetime for Greens

Today is “First Friday” for the month of NovemberAnd we have exciting news! For the first time in history the Green Party has a real and viable chance of getting 5% of the national vote. Proof? The latest polls show our presidential candidate Jill Stein, at 4% nationwide.And if it happens, if Jill gets 5% of the vote nationwide in this coming election, the Green Party will qualify for $8-$10 million in federal funds to start the next election cycle. Continue reading

Election Deadline Approaching - Donate Now to Help Greens Take the Next Critical Step!

Your Green Vote Could Be Worth Millions This Year Did you know that Green votes this year are worth between $8 and $10 MILLION DOLLARS collectively? That's because, if we achieve an average of 5% of the vote nationwide, we'll qualify for federal matching funds of $8 to $10 million dollars! Continue reading