Limit Dependent Deductions for Federal Income Tax

Any woman having more than two successful natural childbirths is overpopulating the planet. Although any woman can have as many children as she chooses, citizens can discourage families from having more children than the planet can support by using disincentives as limiting the Dependent Tax Deduction. Education may be the most common way to stop population growth, however, we need to think of other ways to make citizens think about family size and plan accordingly. Why is limiting population important? The sustainable carrying capacity of the Earth is estimated at one billion humans. As we approach nine billion, the Earth is facing an Environmental Implosion around 2040 that will bring massive suffering and die-off. One way to mitigate severe negative effects then is to limit population growth now. We may face charges of bias toward groups that prefer large families.

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    The statement that "The sustainable carrying capacity of the Earth is estimated at one billion humans " doesn’t make any sense.(Scientifically valid references please.)
    The world population reached 1 billion in 1804. We’re still around.
    China’s “one-child” policy is contributing to their demographic/economic stagnation, which is why they have recently scrapped it. I agree that parents should not have bunches of kids unless they can afford to raised them through their own efforts (not on the public dole), but the prospect of the government interfering in the private lives and decisions of families is chilling (even as it already happens).
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    I absolutely oppose this on two grounds: (1) It is an example of just the kind of government overreach that produces the most violent reactions against governmental authority, and (2) it is completely unnecessary because when women are given reproductive freedom and social and economic justice, populations automatically go into a natural decline.
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    Touchy subject, but it should be addressed. I don’t have any answers—but perhaps we need to look at rationing as a way to discourage adding too many more people to the planet.
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