Real principles for real people. Vote Green.

GRASSROOTS DEMOCRACY We the People established the government, and it is supposed to be of the people, by the people, and for the people. That depends on having all votes count -- and all votes counted -- and all voters free to vote their consciences and their hopes. This country needs to acknowledge the plurality of voters who are not Democrats or Republicans -- by making all election laws *non*-partisan rather than *bi*-partisan. PEACE/NON-VIOLENCE The US is the world's greatest purveyor of violence -- whether in keeping a military (and making sure it gets plenty of exercise), sponsoring others and selling them arms, or repressing and even killing its own citizens. We need to get our nation performing and encouraging non-violent action first and foremost. We need leaders who will not see every situation in the world as a nail that sticks out and needs to be hammered down -- and we need to hold anyone who chooses violent action accountable. ECOLOGICAL WISDOM Water is a human right -- so denying or blocking people's fair access to clean water is a violation of human rights. Water is a public trust -- so we need to put water under public (not private) oversight, and keep that oversight trustworthy. Water is life -- so poisoning water is arguably at least depraved-heart murder. (See for discussion of more ways this crime is cropping up in our society.) Not long back, we were all France -- we need to see that we're also all Flint. SOCIAL JUSTICE Black lives matter -- that should go without saying, and eventually it will. So do women's lives, and LGBT[...] lives -- and lives of all diverse kinds of people. People's lives matter; corporations' lives don't -- another reason why they're not people. If they were, they couldn't be owned . . . they'd have to be set free, perhaps under the guardianship of the people who make them up -- the employees, not the stockholders -- until they're 18. Once people are put back ahead of profits, we'll be closer to social justice. ADDED NOTE: I agree with the previous comment on the less-than-stellar design of this Webpage. If nothing else, it should be possible to see all the ideas at once -- in any of the given sorting orders and more. And if your invitation talks about rating ideas, you should have a way to do that . . . by IRV-style ballot if we have the ideas categorized under the Four Pillars; alternatively, maybe a scale of 0-10. Oh -- and I suspect you'd have gotten much more participation if you hadn't forced people through a somewhat "phishy-looking" sign-up process and just asked us to identify our connections with the Green Party.

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