Concentrate on congressional candidates unless Sanders is the Democratic Presidential Nominee

Democracy-- End all political donations/ads by anyone other than individuals. Peace-- stop fomenting revolts in foreign countries by warmongers like the nazis in Ukraine and Isis/alQaeda in the Middle East. Ecology-- Tax dirty energy (e.g., oil) to the entire extent of the expected future environmental cost (and use the revenue to subsidize clean energy). Social Justice-- return to the tax rates of the Eisenhower era and use the proceeds to provide government jobs at a living wage

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    Sorry, I meant to say “if” as opposed to “unless”. The Greens should run a Presidential candidate but should emphasize congressional candidates (as opposed to the Green Presidential candidate) if Sanders is the Presidential Nominee. If Sanders is neither the Presidential or Vice-Presidential candidate, we should ask him to run as a Green (and we should start talking about that, since the threat of that happening might make it clear to all progressives that Hilary cannot win and should not be nominated by the Democrats— the Greens with Sanders would have a far better chance of winning— Sanders is our best chance since Nader, and the political climate is more ripe).
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    The Green Party should always put forth its own PRESIDENTIAL candidate regardless of who the candidates are from other parties. We should fully use the electoral process to get our message out to the public.
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