We need a better way to get kids from High School to the workplace

Send our kids to useful Trade schools and expand computer science education options. College is too expensive and is overrated anyways. Democrats might want to spend an ungodly amount of money on free undergrad degrees and republicans might want to keep pretending that everything can take care of itself, but I think what we really need is a more fundamental overhaul with how our education system works. The first step to this is to provide free trade school, and/or free nurses aid certificates instead of free college all around, and then update trade school curriculum so that skills taught there can be useful in our rapidly changing world. This will mean investing on the grassroots and/or federal level in different and new platforms of computer science education. This can include a public high school curriculum in programming. We need a sustainable way to get kids from high school to the workplace, and I don't think just sending everyone to college as it is now is the best answer.

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