Take over the Democratic Party

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    This would be a great idea, theoretically… whoever posted this must buy a lot of lottery tickets. At the national level, we should work to become a major influence in the Democratic party. I think this has at least a small chance of success over time and is a somewhat realistic goal. As it is now, every Green that votes for the Green candidate in the Presidential election – - actually helps elect the Republican candidate. As an example, Ralph Nader took votes from Al Gore and clearly elected G.W. in the 2000 presidential election. Like it or not, this country has a two party system and if we are going to make any significant progress on issues important to our party, we must work within the Democratic party (at the national level).
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    The democratic party is a lost cause they are all corrupt and will never change change must come from without the democratic party
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    I see no promise here. They will try to co-opt, marginalize, diminish, and absorb real alternatives to corporate capitalist politics.
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    Right. Been there, done that—back in the 90s. My crew did, in fact, “take over” a Texas state senatorial district apparat, held it & gave the state party fits for a decade. But we also got an education in why you can never beat the big $$$ that own that party. There are times that you may work in there, but mainly to the end of leading people OUT when they are inevitably betrayed.
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    Um, what? We are not here to take over the democrats, we exist to be an alternative party.
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    We have a winner take all system that is not friendly to third parties. The Democratic Party is a billion dollar organization that is begging to be taken over by progressives. It is time to get rid of the corporate Democrats and replace them with progressives. Bernie Sanders has started this revolution. We need to move it along. With control of the Democratic Party, we can institute rank voting state by state (and then we can go back to the Green Party); get money out of politics; concentrate on our environment; tax the rich and the corporations; regulate business; have a minimum income, free college education, universal health care, etc. I am a Ward Chair and a State Central Committee Member of the Democratic Party and I still voted for Jill Stein in the last election. It took four years but progressives are now in control of our local Democratic Party in a very conservative county. The Democratic Party is best changed from within. Join me.
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