Establish a Basic Income

Recently, Finland became the first major country to implement basic income for all of its citizens, at a total of roughly $800 a month. America must do the same: Give each American citizen a basic income of at least $800 a month. This non-taxable money will be a great boost to local businesses, help to alleviate financial pressure on families, and serve as a way to replace our other welfare systems in a way that benefits everyone.

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    While it is a good thing to do it is only a band-aid and will not “fix” Finland’s economy which is in the same boat as Greece. The problem is in the structural flaws of the Euro and the global monetary system. This is the elephant in the room that goes unmentioned for the most part. How the system creates all the world’s biggest problems is kept secret not by hiding the facts so much as through public incredulity. Money is power and it should be broadly dispersed throughout society but the system we have instead concentrates wealth into few hands. For a government like Finland, who has been cutting wages and services, to guarantee an income they would have to raise taxes or borrow money from the commercial banks at interest. With such high unemployment raising taxes may not be a good way to get the money and more borrowing will only exacerbate their debt. My question is, will 800 per month offset the public services they are losing?
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    This is absolutely essential, and should be at the top of our priorities. Real unemployment is already near 30%, and if we are to save ourselves from over-consumption employment should continue to go down. But this means that there must be a mechanism to ensure that all members of the society are included in the economic equation, and a Basic Income Guarantee is the right way.
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    The Earned Income Tax Credit already accomplishes this to a certain extent.
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    I remember when even Nixon considered this. In the early 1970s I worked in a welfare office using official laws and regulations to establish eligibility for public assistance. I quickly discovered how unjust our “welfare” system was then. Democrat Bill Clinton adopted Republican welfare “reform” ideas to trash AFDC and institute TANF, which is even more unfair. Our system is designed to HUMILIATE AND PUNISH POOR PEOPLE rather than to meet people’s needs. A guaranteed annual income would be much more fair, much more humane, and much easier to administer without the bureaucratic overhead and and without the sexist and racist baggage that plague our current system.
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    Our monetary reforms include this and more and are already in House Bill 2990, the National Emergency Employment Defense Act which provides for an immediate $10,000 citizens dividend, in new US money, to every man woman and child, to jump start the economy until public spending on infrastructure, healthcare and education gets to the people. It also distributes 25% of all new money to state and local economies for them to decide how to spend it. While the bill focuses on our nation’s unemployment crisis, the remedy proposed contains all of the essential monetary measures being proposed by the American Monetary Institute in the American Monetary Act. These are what decades of research and centuries of experience have shown to be necessary to end the economic crisis in a just and sustainable way, and place the U.S. money system under our constitutional checks and balances. If we don’t end the private debt-money system we are doomed to corporate control and will not be able to fund the necessary things we need to do to ameliorate climate change, for instance.
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    A gradualist approach to this, as right now it is vital we defend and expand what we have. While there needs to be some hast with this, it will take time to implement.
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    I agree that a basic income makes sense but in order to pay for this we need a public money system, otherwise the government is borrowing at interest to do it or taxing, neither of which have shown to be very effective. So again I see this as just a part of a larger issue, a larger reform, monetary reform. It would be on the ‘to-do list’ once the larger issue is taken care of.
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    Green Party Strategy 2016: Establish a Basic Income
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    Green Party Strategy 2016: Establish a Basic Income
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