On Election Day, will I regret not having done more?


Here's something that scares me, as an organizer: the prospect of watching results roll in on Election Day and asking myself, could I have done more? Would we have got a little closer to a key goal, like 5% of the statewide vote, if I'd put in a few extra hours; pushed my limits just a little harder?

There's a lot at stake for the future of the Green Party this year in Illinois. Our ability to grow and build in years to come depends on making that 5% threshold on Nov. 8th, so that future Green candidates can compete under the same rules as the Democrat and Republican Party candidates. It would be heartbreaking to come close and fall just barely short.

These next four days are the most important of the campaign. If you're like me, and you want to go into Election Day knowing you've done everything you can to get the Green Party the highest possible turnout in Illinois, I hope you'll join in our Get Out The Vote activities:

  • Phonebanking can be done remotely! If you have a phone line, you can help. You can sign up for 5, 10, 25, or 50 calls on our website, or email volunteer@ilgp.org and let me know how many calls you're willing to make. (These are calls to confirmed supporters -- we're just making sure they have voted already or plan to vote on Nov. 8th.)

  • Get Out The Vote prep will be taking place all weekend long at the Chicago campaign office, 2201 W. North Ave. We're printing flyers, assembling electioneering packets, and sending volunteers out to early voting locations in the city. If you live in or near Chicago, and want to lend a hand, stop by our office any time between 10am - 8pm, Saturday and Sunday!

  • Find the polling place nearest you with the State Board of Elections lookup tool to help hand out Green Party fliers outside the entrance. If you're near Chicago, you can pick up electioneering packets from our office at 2201 W. North Ave., or you can print off any of the Jill Stein campaign flyers at home.

  • On Election Day, we need every single person we can get handing out flyers and electioneering packets! If you have any time and ability to help at all on Tues. Nov. 8th, please stop by the 2201 W. North Ave. office for a polling place assignment. You can also stop by ahead of time, or print out flyers from the Jill Stein website, and go directly to a polling place near you on Election Day.

No matter where you are in the state, we've got something you can help with. Contact me at volunteer@ilgp.org or 773-492-6604 to volunteer -- so that come Election Day, none of us are left wondering, "could I have done more?"


Geoffrey Cubbage, ILGP Volunteer Director