The Opportunity of a Lifetime for Greens


Today is “First Friday” for the month of November

And we have exciting news!

For the first time in history the Green Party has a real and viable chance of getting 5% of the national vote. Proof? The latest polls show our presidential candidate Jill Stein, at 4% nationwide.

And if it happens, if Jill gets 5% of the vote nationwide in this coming election, the Green Party will qualify for $8-$10 million in federal funds to start the next election cycle.

This is the opportunity of a lifetime!

Why? Because it will raise the visibility and status of the Green Party like never before. Plus it will make ballot access much easier next time in many states.

The time has never been better for a Green Party breakthrough!

As a nation, we must vote our conscience. We cannot vote out of fear against a bad candidate - we must vote for a better world. The Green Party has a plan - a real strategy to build that world.

And as a party we’re doing important work on a daily basis.

Greens are not only helping “outsider” candidates, and passing on our skills and knowledge to other activists... we're also working every day to add caucuses. We're working to raise money for candidates through the Coordinated Campaign Committee... we've got a 7-day-a-week social media outreach... and so much more.

But to continue to get our message out, to get out the vote, and continue building our party we need…

Sustaining donors

Sustainers are the people we count on. They give monthly and don’t give it a second thought. They’re people like you who are the real heroes of our movement.

If you can go the extra mile, why not become a Green sustainer and make your $10 contribution a monthly one? $10 a month doesn’t sound like much and you may not even miss it. But that’s $120 a year and that’s the way you can magnify your impact on building a new, Green world, $10 at a time!

 Will you donate become
a sustainer for the party
and help us get to 5% of
the national vote today?

If you are one of the few relatively lucky 99% who have a few dollars left over - or are willing to give up eating out one night a month, or a run to your local coffee shop, in order to support the party - your $10 monthly donation will make a difference.

The establishment is fighting us. They’re trying to silence us at every turn.

Why? Because they know - if our candidate gets 5% of the national vote…


But the establishment parties have deep pockets. And that’s why it’s going to take money. It’s going to take votes - 5% of the total votes to be exact. 

And we won’t get that without getting our message out in these last few days before the election. 

Will you help us continue to “get out the vote” by becoming a monthly $10 sustainer today? And if you can’t become a sustainer, will you make a one-time contribution of $10 or more?

We're going to turn the world Green with your help. But wanting a viable third party and creating one takes a lot of time, talent, and money. Without cash, we're like a solar battery without the sun.

Please give generously so we can continue to build the party, get out the vote, get the 5% vote nationwide, and create the better world we deserve.

Give Green to Grow Green!

Thank you!
Starlene Rankin
National Fundraising Director

P.S. No matter what happens in 2016 - GPUS will be here the day before AND the day after every election. So, please...become a sustainer or give a one-time donation today. No matter how small you think it is your generosity will help us turn our world a deeper shade of green this year, next year and beyond.