Declare water a public right.

As a human being you have a Right to Water. Suffering such as created by the mass water cut-offs in Detroit is unconscionable. The human right to water is threatened by interlocking corporate-state schemes: 1) Pollution of surface & groundwater resources by the fossil-fuel industry--notably from hydraulic fracturing (fracking). 2) Privatization that exploits drought conditions stemming from climate change. Around the world, Nestlé is bullying communities into giving up control of their water. 3) Imposition by the real estate lobby and its political allies of the “California water model” So-called "water grids" that entail mass movement of water to facilitate development in areas without their own water supply are already igniting Water Wars in the drought zones. We must discontinue the use of public funds and subsidies to lure people to the arid zones, and deny developers and special interests the right to offload the costs of population growth (schools, roads, water, power etc.) onto the backs of front line taxpayers and ratepayers.

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    Eliminating animal agriculture would greatly reduce water (mid)use. A vegan diet saves enormous quantities of H2O from pastures to feedlots to abattoirs and beyond and prevents much water pollution from grazing land runoffs and slaughterhouse effluents and restaurant wastes and more. The evil Pentagon (metaphor not only the building) and military-industrial complex by its existence both squanders and pollutes water on a huge scale. End military spending and you gain among so many benefits a bigger supply of cleaner water.
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    What disconcerting is that we have to assert this right. It’s not only a public right, it’s a basic human right and core to the commons and should be owned and controlled by the public.
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    Water is already very scarce in some parts of the world and some parts of the U.S. It will become much more scarce. We must RADICALLY MANAGE water to be used for people, not for water-intensive uses that have less usefulness (e.g., watering golf courses, processing coal, filling swimming pools, and other things that people think of as normal). The U.N. and poor nations should push very vigorously through processes such as the recent global climate summit COP21 in Paris.
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