Relieve Student Debt

Since the Obama Administration bailed out the bankers for over ten times the amount of the student debt in this country, we should relieve students, current and former, entirely from their debt, it could only bring more money and productivity in from all of those people, who do not need to worry about the debt from their education.

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    This proposed bill already has provision to payfor education. A 2 sentence addition can male that retroactive, and wipe out all student debt, without the need to borrow or raise taxes to do it. Read about it at
    "Thanks partly to Kansas City Greens Dee Barry and Ben Kelsus, the Green Party already has a real and excellent national monetary reform plank (since 2010) that closely echoes the “NEED Act (National Emergency Employment Defense Act,” which was introduced into the 112th Congress as HR2990, by Congressman Dennis Kucinich. Your monetary reform plank is a major achievement – thank you!
    The Kucinich bill went through almost 3 years of non partisan Legislative Counsel scrutiny, and has been vetted as technically operational. Several Greens fully understand this – Howard Switzer for example who studies monetary reform deeply.
    That said, there is a problem: some of your Green leadership has instead promoted a relatively undefined idea of the government (states) going into the banking business – so called “public banking.”! This is strange – to say the least!
    The suggestion I have for 2016 is to get that particular leadership into a consistent position with the excellent national platform. To see 2 articles on why the so called public banking “idea” does not give real monetary reform, see the American Monetary Institute website at
    The monetary reform issue is too critical to be left in confusion.
    Thanks for listening.
    Stephen Zarlenga, Director, American Monetary Institute, my phone 224-805-2200" — “Over time whoever controls the money system, controls the nation.” Monetary Reform Now! 224-805-2200
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    Relieving student debt is very important and is one of my most important issues bail out the students
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