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Green Party LogoGreen Party Endorses Bill Swartz in Special Election

February 25, 2013

Jay Sweeney, 570-587-3603
Dave Ochmanowicz, 215-603-5951
Carl Romanelli (Swartz campaign), 570-239-3914

York County Green, Swartz, to compete for 95th District seat vacated by Auditor General, Eugene DePasquale in Special Election on May 21, 2013.

The Green Party of Pennsylvania (GPPA) has endorsed Bill Swartz, York County, for State Representative in Pennsylvania's 95th Legislative District Special Election this May. GPPA State Chair, Jay Sweeney said of the endorsement, "The more I hear about Bill Swartz, the more I like. I hope the voters of the 95th District have the same reaction. Bill not only has a vision for his district, but he is an articulate spokesperson for the Green Party's vision for a better Pennsylvania. We are proud to have a candidate with the integrity and credentials Bill brings to this race."

Swartz, 43, is President of Sherman Property Management, Inc. which is located in York. He has been involved several projects in York County, regarding business and community, including service on the Boards of the York Central Market and Better York. Swartz is also a recipient of the Central Penn Business Journal's "40-under-40" award in recognition of his success in providing innovative housing in York County. He established Sherman Property Management in 1998, managing about 50 apartments. The company now manages over 2,000 apartments, condominiums and homes. "This campaign has the potential to reach voters across the spectrum. After all, I have a philosophy degree (Colgate, 1992; BA) and a realty license, I am a Rotarian and a Green, and I have been a business owner, manager, construction worker and a shelter caseworker; so I am looking forward to a conversation that spans traditional stereotypes," Swartz commented.

"Single payer healthcare for Pennsylvania will be a centerpiece issue for our campaign. It is one of the issues that can immediately provide reform to many areas of concern. It can provide significant savings for business and government, while also providing a model of healthcare consistent with our heritage as a commonwealth. Single payer for Pennsylvania is possible now, through the existing legislation in the PA House, otherwise known as the Family and Business Healthcare Security Act; and could be the most cost-efficient anti-poverty legislation ever passed in this state. I want to show how we all benefit from doing right by each other. If the many critics of Obamacare are serious about a viable option, they must understand that single payer is the only way. In the process we provide our economy with a serious stimulus by focusing on health and healthcare, not corporate profits," Swartz declared.

A ban on hydrofracturing (fracking) is the position of both the Green Party and the Swartz campaign. Both prefer investments in solar, geothermal, wind and other green technologies for energy production and job creation. In addition, both support legalized, regulated cannabis/hemp, passage of the Voter Choice Act, opposition to privatizing commonwealth assets and fully funded public schools. "Wouldn't it be better," Swartz asks "to invest in the education of our children now, rather than investing in prisons to lock them up when they grow older?" He added, "York City schools are currently suffering greatly and honest, creative solutions are needed. Yet, we must take care to not dismantle the promise of a quality public education. Solutions to these problems, as with all issues, will be best served by quality candidates that are independent of the polarization of the Democratic and Republican parties. We Greens consider our independence a real plus."

"The Green Party has a full agenda for Pennsylvania, and we are hoping that Bill Swartz makes history this year. He is an amazing candidate with a sense of policy, community and honor that would make any party proud and we are pleased that his values make him one of ours," said Sweeney.

GPPA is a political party guided by principles of: Ecology, Social Justice, Grassroots Democracy, Community-Based Economics, Diversity, Nonviolence, Feminism, Decentralization, Personal and Global Responsibility, Future Focus/Sustainability.

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