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Greens Charge Kerry and Democrats with Retreat and Evasion on the Kyoto Accord, Iraq Occupation, the Israel-Palestine Conflict, and Other Major Issues.

Thursday, July 15, 2004

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WASHINGTON, D.C. -- "The Kerry/Edwards campaign and the Democratic Party leadership are apparently so afraid of confronting Bush that they're retreating on many of the most crucial issues in the 2004 election," said Joe Fortunato, Green congressional candidate in New Jersey (8th district).  "The Democratic platform draft should dispel illusions that those who care about reversing Bush policies on global warming or Iraq might find relief in the Democratic Party."

Greens sharply criticized Democratic candidates John Kerry and John Edwards and the proposed 2004 Democratic Party platform and asserted the need for Green participation in the national debate, citing the following:

  • Sen. Kerry has no clear position on strengthening the Kyoto Accord, restoring U.S. participation in the agreement, or aggressive national and international steps to stem catastrophic global climate change, or challenging the domination of U.S. policy by energy firms like Halliburton.  The Democratic Party's 2004 platform does not mention the Kyoto Accord or higher fuel efficiency standards for cars.

  • Neither Sen. Kerry nor the Democratic Platform call for withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq; Sen. Kerry proposes to send 40,000 additional troops to Iraq for a prolonged occupation, despite Iraq's new 'sovereignty.'  Neither Sen. Kerry nor the Democratic Platform criticizes former Iraqi administrator Bremer's mandate opening up Iraqi resources and business to up to 100% foreign ownership, which violates the 1907 Hague Conventions' rules against pillage by an invading nation.

  • Sen. Kerry, reversing his position, has announced his support for Israel's security fence in the West Bank, which was ruled illegal by the International Court of Justice (  During its 2004 national convention in Milwaukee last month, the Green Party of the United States adopted an expanded platform statement on the conflict, calling for restoration of rights for Palestinians and recommending the democratic one-state solution.  The plank also calls the separation barrier "an obstacle to peace and a unilateral escalation of conflict."  Greens, unlike Bush and Kerry, support the right of return for Palestinians and withdrawal from the occupied territories, and have called for the suspension of aid until Israel complies with international law.

  • The Democratic Platform says nothing about overturning or revising the USA Patriot Act or about the Ashcroft Justice Department's possible plans to expand the act.  332 cities, four states, and the Green Party have condemned the act's numerous violations of the U.S. Constitution (

  • The Democratic Platform makes no mention of veterans, despite the Bush Administration's efforts in 2003 to scale back veterans' benefits by $25 billion.

Greens have also noted that Kerry and the Democratic Platform would maintain corporate insurance and HMO domination of the U.S. health care system, and say nothing about guaranteed living wages or repeal of Taft-Hartley restrictions on union organizing.  Kerry opposes full legal equality for same-sex marriages; the Democratic platform would leave the decision up to states and omits the rights of transgender Americans.  For the Green Party position on all of these, see the party's platform at (


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