Green Party of NJ Co-Chair and Assembly Candidate Condemns Racially Charged Facebook Post by Assemblyman Parker Space

TRENTON, N.J. (Aug. 29th, 2017) – In the aftermath of this past weekend's racially charged Facebook post by Assemblyman Parker Space (R – 24th District), Green Party of New Jersey Co-Chair and General Assembly candidate in the 24th Legislative District Aaron Hyndman issued the following statement: When my current representative in the state legislature, Assemblyman Parker Space, posted a picture on Facebook of him and his wife posing in front of a Hank Williams-themed Confederate Flag decorated with the phrase "If the South would have won, we would have had it made," he sarcastically captioned the image with the phrase "Hope no one is offended! LOL." Continue reading

LD-28 Senate Challenger Demands Meaningful Legislative Action Toward Health Care Reform

BLOOMFIELD, N.J. (Aug. 24, 2017) -- Troy Knight-Napper, Green Party candidate for State Senate in Legislative District 28 – which encompasses Bloomfield, Glen Ridge, Irvington, Nutley, and portions of Newark – issued the following statement today regarding health care reform: Last week, the incumbent Legislative District 28 Senator issued a statement rightly congratulating Merck CEO Kenneth C. Frazier for the laudable decision to resign from one of President Donald J. Trump’s advisory councils as an act of protest against the President’s reprehensible failure to properly condemn racism and white supremacy. Continue reading

GPVA Calls For Adoption of an Environmental Sustainable State Building Code

RICHMOND, VA – A number of environmental groups in Virginia have been advocating for years for Virginia to establish an energy saving and environmentally friendly building code that would make a substantial reduction in carbon emissions in the commonwealth. Carbon emissions from buildings (commercial and residential) are the largest energy use in the United States. Studies by environmental groups and universities in Virginia have indicated that energy savings from the Earthcraft building program can be as great as 40 percent, and save tenants and or homeowners many thousands of dollars of utility costs over time. A new environmentally friendly building code would result in a substantial cost savings for homeowners, tenants, and commercial property owners while substantially reducing carbon based electricity and heating costs. The consumer benefits are substantial and accrue particularly to low income persons, cutting their housing costs and allowing them a better standard of living. Continue reading

Green Party urges enactment of Single-Payer health care: Livestream show on Aug. 23

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- The Green Party, calling for enactment of a Single-Payer / Medicare For All health care system to replace the Affordable Care Act, will present a half-hour livestream interview with Single-Payer organizer Ursula Rozum on August 23. The GreenStream show will air on the party's Facebook page on Wednesday, August 23, at 9 p.m. ET, 6 p.m. PT. Continue reading

North Carolina Green Party Supports Durham Protesters, Removal Of Confederate Monuments

The North Carolina Green Party (NCGP) stands in solidarity with Durham protesters who removed a Confederate statue at the old Durham County Courthouse on Monday, August 14, as well as with those who have been subsequently arrested and whose homes have been raided in retaliation by police. The NCGP calls for all charges against protesters to be dropped. "The felony charges against protesters are intimidation against valid protest and are illegitimate," said NCGP co-chair Tony Ndege. Continue reading

Green Party of Philadelphia Calls for Removal of Frank Rizzo Statue

PHILADELPHIA, PA – Earlier this month, white supremacists protested against the removal of a statue of Confederate general Robert E. Lee in Charlottesville, VA, where they killed Heather Heyer and injured dozens of others. These events highlight the urgent need to examine and eradicate racism in our culture and institutions. Therefore, the Green Party of Philadelphia (GPOP) City Committee calls for the removal of the statue of former Mayor Frank Rizzo that stands in front of the Municipal Services Building. First and foremost, the Green Party salutes Philly REAL Justice, a Black-led coalition for racial, economic, and legal justice for communities of color, which has been organizing the effort to remove the Rizzo statue for quite some time. We offer Philly REAL Justice our admiration and our solidarity in the campaign to remove Rizzo's statue. Continue reading

GreenStream on Aug. 23: Green Party livestream interview with Single-Payer organizer Ursula Rozum

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- The next broadcast of GreenStream, the Green Party's livestream show, will feature an interview with Ursula Rozum, an organizer in the movement for Single-Payer health care in New York. The show will air on the party's Facebook page on Wednesday, August 23, at 9 p.m. ET, 6 p.m. PT. Theo Williams, a member of the Green Party of New Jersey, will interview Ms. Rozum. Technical producer for the show will be Craig Seeman. Continue reading

Jules for Judge Campaign Secures Ballot Access

Here's Why to Vote for Jules The campaign to elect Jules Mermelstein to the Pennsylvania Superior Court is thrilled to announce that thanks to the efforts of volunteers across 44 counties, he will be on the ballot for the November 7, Pennsylvania General Election. More than 4,300 Pennsylvania voters submitted their signatures for the campaign to nominate Jules for Judge. On Friday, July 28, nearly double the signatures needed to place Jules Mermelstein on the ballot were submitted. None were challenged over the following days. Continue reading

Kaper-Dale Campaign Protests NJ Water Crisis

On Wednesday, August 16th, the Kaper-Dale for Governor campaign announced that Milltown and Newark, two New Jersey cities, has equal to or higher water lead toxicity levels than Flint, Michigan. The event where this announcement was made was held at the NJ Department of Environmental Protection in Trenton, New Jersey. Workers and passersby stopped to witness and join the rally. Workers also sympathized with the protest, but cited their lack of resources as a reason for the problems. "There is another kind of violence these first weeks of August than what we saw in Charlottesville. The violence of silence. Silence regarding a public health crisis in Newark and Milltown that also threatens all of us," said Seth Kaper-Dale in his speech. Continue reading

Green Party: International law prohibits preemptive U.S. military action against North Korea and other countries

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Green Party leaders said today that threats of preemptive strikes and military intervention are placing the U.S. in the role of aggressor nation and undermining any chance of maintaining peace and international security. North Korea, Iran, and Venezuela have been the targets of recent belligerent threats from the Trump administration. Greens also strongly opposed sanctions against Russia, North Korea, and Iran and bipartisan efforts to ignite a new Cold War, calling such policies an invitation for World War III. Continue reading