Really want to end Big Government?

Most of us are aware that the Green Party is capable of making change and pressing reforms. Currently, a petition is being signed to allow third parties to participate in the general Presidential Elections. Now, if we can achieve that it would create a world of a difference yet what is something even bigger? If 50% of Americans consider themselves to be Independent let's unite with all the other Third Parties to force our Big Government to amend the Constitution and abolish the electoral college. Come on, enough is enough, I live in Mississippi and I can vote Green, Democratic, Etc. as long as it's not Republican my voice isn't heard. We have the power to digitalize voting why can't we all each share our voice?! Why elect an electoral college when if 5,000,000 people in California vote republican and 5,000,001 vote democratic and the democrats all the sudden represent about 10,000,000 people? How is this democracy? I demand to be able to vote Green and it actually gain a chance at meaning something! Stand up and make your voice heard this November 5th, 2016 in Washington D.C. We demand to be heard. Rasims (Rah-Sims) Architecture will march for the cause and we hope you do the same. Come this November make the change known. Vote with your voice on November the fifth. #VoteNovFifth

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