Green Party

Rebranding Campaign

Introducing new brand identity for the Green Party of the US

The Green Party of the United States is proud to present our new brand and identity!

One of the key goals in our Strategic Plan is to create more positive awareness of the party, which includes creating a more positive brand identity: more consistency, strong messaging and visuals, and overall professionalism in our communications. We're confident that our new brand will enable us to reach our target audiences, which are existing volunteers & members, disaffected Democrats & Republicans, and alienated youth voters, especially those of color, who are turned off current politics entirely.


The new GP-US brand identity will enable the party to reach out to new and potential voters, and make a clear and positive case for the party in our communications. Some people don't know who we are: "There are more parties besides the Republicans and Democrats?" And some people have mistaken ideas about who we are: "The Green Party is only an environmental party."


The process to create our new visual identity started about 18 months ago. We identified unique Green Party qualities, identified key target groups, raised funds, identified highly qualified designers with branding experience and issued a Request for Proposals to designers. The GP-US Steering Committee approved hiring an excellent and experienced graphic designer, Niall O'Kelly, to create our new brand which presents a strong, unified, professional party image. 


Our primary identity is a strong, dynamic hand-drawn square which represents the authentic grassroots of the party, speaks to the unique voices within it, and opens the door to having many member-created versions of the primary mark, particularly on rally signage or prints. The 4 sides of the square represent the Four Pillars of the Green Party: Peace/Non-violence, Ecological Wisdom, Social Justice and Democracy.


The roll-out will start this week with social media. Then over the next few weeks, you will start to see new letterhead, email designs and merchandise. We do have a tote bag with the new look available now


By the end of the year, you will see new State Party logos and a brand new and improved Green Party website. By 2015,we plan to roll-out signs, banner and literature.

Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if your state or local party would like information on how to get a customized version of the new logo for your state.


We want to thank all the donors who contributed specifically to this project, as well as everyone who has donated to the Green Party.