A two for one! Plant trees and other perennials. Address two great environmental challenges.

We have two serious environmental problems - climate change and loss of good soil - and we should think in terms of a common solution. Our atmosphere suffers from too much carbon, in the form of CO2 , resulting in global warming and more extreme weather events. Our soils suffer from too little carbon, as much fertility has been lost due to Industrial Agriculture and monoculture practices. So why not practice a simple solution to address both problems? Plant trees and other perennials. The trees take in CO2 via their leaves and incorporate it into their biomass. The perennials will also help protect against soil erosion. Two for one. The COP21 talks set a good goal, but gave no hint as to how to accomplish it. By planting perennials, the average citizen is empowered to address two great environmental challenges of our time

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    I have to respectfully disagree with the statement that it is “too little too late – so it’s not paramount”. A direct way for a citizen to practice both democracy and actually make an impact on an important question like climate change by planting something green is never too little too late. Sometimes doing the thing that is right – even if the odds of success are stacked against you – is still the right thing to do. The leaves of the tree will pull CO2 out of the air. Period. That makes such action thousands of times more effective than anything the U.S. Congress would ever do – such as declaring once again that climate change is a hoax.
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    This is a very good idea, but at this point it’s too little too late, so it’s not paramount.
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