"5% for Freedom"

We need a strategy that can help us — and the millions of people that already agree with the Green Party’s stand on the issues and values — to imagine that voting Green is a pathway to power, not just a protest vote. It’s difficult to commit to a course of action that cannot be imagined. People need to see that another world is possible and it is entirely possible for the Green Party to achieve the 5% threshold for public funding in 2016. The issues are important, of course, but we need an overarching strategic theme like “5% for Freedom” or something like this that sets out a realistic, winnable goal linked to the Green Party’s key values or universal values like freedom, democracy, equality.

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    It’s important to have a slogan, of course, but wouldn’t only Greens understand that this means percentage of vote, as opposed to ideas like the 1% elite, the 95% of the population that’s not rich, etc.? Great idea, but maybe not usable at this time.
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