Run for Office in 2017!


The 2016 elections are over, and the filing deadline for the 2017 elections in Illinois is coming up fast!

If you've ever contemplated running for office, there's no better time than now. A majority of elections in Illinois go uncontested in almost every election cycle. "Elected" officials aren't actually campaigning at all in many towns, villages, counties, and other districts -- and that means they're not answerable to voters, either.

You can help build a stronger democracy by running as a Green Party candidate for local office. Submit your name and address via our Run for Office webform, and we'll take a look at your districts to see what office you could be eligible for.

Act fast -- there's only a month left to submit paperwork and petition signatures for ballot access, so interested candidates need to be ready to hit the ground running!


Geoffrey Cubbage
Illinois Green Party Volunteer Director