Roman Aqueducts

California is suffering from enormous drought and forest fires, but on the other hand, the states along the Mississippi river are suffering flooding on a yearly basis. This is costing many states economies billions of dollars in damage, cause enormous environmental harm by washing away foreign materials, and displacing thousands from their homes. Isn't it possible to do what the Romans did, (But this time we have modern technology) and build aqueducts to carry water to California from the Mississippi? For southern California it would only need to go part way because the Hoover Dam carries the water the rest of the way. This could save those billions of dollars every year that would go towards repairs and cleanup costs and at the same time save thousands of acres of crops and forests. The states in between are indeed earthquake prone, but you can segment the aqueduct and have emergency shutoffs should leaks be detected. If the government can afford a gas pipe from Canada to lower Mississippi, then they can definitely afford an Aqueduct.

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