Jill Stein to electronically participate in tonight's debate

Jill Stein to Appear in St. Louis Before Participating in Livestreamed Presidential Debate Response

Despite exclusion from the stage at Washington University, Green Party Presidential candidate Dr. Jill Stein will be participating in the second Presidential debate of 2016. As Jill Stein for President Press Director Meleiza Figueroa points out, "Seventy-six percent of Americans are asking for open debates in a recent USA Today poll. Fifty-seven percent want a major party alternative to the Republicans and the Democrats. We're using social media and livestreaming technologies in a way no campaign has before to give the people what they want."


Dr. Stein will appear at public rallies in the afternoon and early evening on Sunday, Oct. 9th, before joining the debate via livestreamed response on Democracy Now in the evening. Democracy Now will present the entirety of the Presidential debate, with responses from Dr. Stein inserted in between question/response segments. Viewers will see the full debate, plus Dr. Stein's real-time responses.

The livestreamed debate is available for online and broadcast platforms via Wirecast, and will be streamed on the following platforms:

Jill Stein official Twitter Account via Periscope: http://twitter.com/drjillstein

Jill Stein official Facebook Account: http://facebook.com/drjillstein

Democracy Now! "Expanding the Debate" special via Free Speech TV and Link TV