If you have news / photos / videos about local Green activity, please contact wbmgr@gp.org

Elders Caucus in formation

A group of Green Party members representing 15 states have collaborated to create the initial components for building a Green Party Elders Caucus. The Elders Caucus is working towards accreditation by the Green Party Party of the United States. The accreditation process requires caucuses to demonstrate proof of membership of 100 members from over 15 states. Continue reading

GPOAC endorses the Gesher Theatre boycott

The Green Party of Allegheny County (GPOAC) endorses the Israel Gesher Theatre boycott and calls on the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust to respect the boycott and cancel the upcoming Gesher Theatre performances. The boycott is meant to call attention to Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs funding for the theatre as a way of diverting attention from violations of Palestinians’ human rights.GPOAC encourages all local Greens to attend the planned demonstration on opening night in Pittsburgh on October 11 at the August Wilson Center. Continue reading

Greens to speak at upcoming Peace Congress

The Peace Congress to End U.S. Wars at Home and Abroad. An Assembly to strategize for a broader, stronger movement to end the Wars. This is the first of what will be many Peace Congresses in the coming years where we work together to end militarism and violence, create an economy for people and the planet and secure a livable and just future. Don't miss this historic gathering! Visit bit.ly/EndTheWars2018 for a list of participating organizations. Continue reading

South Central Michigan Greens monthly meeting

The South Central Michigan Greens local will hold its monthly meeting 1-3pm on Saturday, October 20 at the downtown Jackson Coffee Company (201 South Mechanic Street in Jackson). Co-founders Monika Schwab of Jackson and John Anthony La Pietra of Marshall will report on recent activities, including the state party's recent public endorsement of marijuana-legalization Proposal 1. Continue reading

How can the Green Party increase it's influence?

Rochester, NY – Our slate of candidates for the four statewide races this year is made up of four amazing people.  You probably know Howie Hawkins, but our candidate for Lt. Governor is Jia Lee, a kick-ass union activist and teacher in New York City.  Mark Dunlea is a long-time Green who is running for Comptroller, and Michael Sussman is a new Green, but long-time civil rights attorney who is running for Attorney General.  If you haven't checked them out, you absolutely should.  Talk about voting your values! Continue reading

Green Party of Washington launches news bi-monthly newsletter

Welcome to your new Green Party of Washington newsletter. I am anxiously awaiting a name of my own! Send me your ideas for my name and you can all vote on them at our Fall Gathering on November 10th using Ranked Choice Voting! Join us in supporting Seattle Solidarity Women's March on the Pentagon! Sunday, October 21st Boeing Headquarters In Seattle! For details go to www.MarchonPentagon.com. Continue reading

The mid-term election

November 6 is election day. If you haven’t done it already, register to vote. Encourage others to register and vote. Most of your ballots will be filled with local or state issues and candidates. If you see the name of a Green Party candidate, I hope you will check them out. Greens believe that people and the health of the planet should be more important than corporate profit. Continue reading

Summit for Independent Politics

Join the Green Party's 2016 Presidential Candidate, Dr. Jill Stein, along with Congressional Candidates Kenneth Mejia, Rodolfo Cortes Barragan, Laura Wells and other Greens from across California to discuss the surge of independent politics in the upcoming November elections. For the first time since the Top Two Primary was enacted, grassroots people-power has put three Green Congressional candidates on the November ballot, challenging establishment Democrats. Continue reading

Helping to boost the Green Vote

Former Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein is barnstorming through Ohio, Michigan and New York this week in support of local Green Party candidates. Stein has events scheduled with Green gubernatorial candidates, Constance Gadell-Newton in Ohio, Jennifer Kurland in Michigan and Howie Hawkins in New York. Numerous other Green candidates will also be speaking. Continue reading

Green Party of Santa Clara September Newsletter

We often hear "Why don't Greens run for local offices?". We are proud to share that many Greens across California do run for local and non-partisan offices in every election and many are elected! Greens currently serve in over 60 public offices in California and they have all won their seats by running grassroots campaigns with PEOPLE POWER and with NO corporate or lobbyist contributions. Continue reading