If you have news / photos / videos about local Green activity, please contact wbmgr@gp.org

State Fair Volunteers Needed

Minneapolis – It's that time of year when the smell of food-on-a-stick mixes with the sounds of animals and the sights of the fairway... it's the Minnesota State Fair!  And you can attend for free!We need volunteers to help staff our new booth in our brand new location in the Education Building.  Please sign up here to help us staff the booth for a four-hour shift.  We are also offering two days in advance of the fair this year for training (August 15 and August 18), so whether you're a new volunteer or a seasoned volunteer, this is a great opportunity to get yourself charged up and ready. Continue reading

Indiana Green Party to hold Annual Congress on July 28

Hoosier Greens from around the state will rally together at Grove Haus in Indianapolis on July 28th. Come and meet fellow Greens, help us shape our platform, nominate and elect new officers and delegates, and enjoy some great speakers. We are excited to announce our line up of speakers: Continue reading

Support Pride with the Greens this Saturday

Rochester, NY – The 2018 Pride Parade is coming up this Saturday.  Come march with us! We line up at 12:30 pm in the general vicinity of Park Avenue & S. Goodman St.  We're entry number 123 so that's our estimate of where we'll be, but you can't miss us as we'll be the only group with a Green Party banner!  This year's theme is "colors" so let's personify the rainbow. The Green Party of Monroe County released this today (July 19th): Continue reading

Missouri Green Party candidates have scheduled town hall meetings

Our candidates for US Senate Jerome Bauer & Jo Crain, as well as Don Fitz for State Auditor will be appearing at three town halls July 29 – 30th along with local candidates at each stop. Come ask them questions and hear how electing Green Party candidates will change politics! Continue reading

August Green Wave & Green Party Telethon

Please join the California Green Wave to support our three congressional candidates Kenneth Mejia (CD 34), Rodolfo Cortes Barragan (CD 40), and Laura Wells (CD 13). These three California candidates have advanced to the 2018 General Election, so we have an historic opportunity to break through the duopoly and bring national attention to our Green values and priorities. If there was ever a time to put Greens in congress, it is NOW! Continue reading

St Louis Greens will discuss new platform proposal from state party

At a meeting on Wednesday, July 18th, the Green Party of St. Louis will be discussing a proposed update to the platform of the Missouri Green Party. The meeting will take place at the Community, Arts, & Movement Project, 3026 Cherokee, St. Louis, MO. beginning at 7:00 PM. Continue reading

Montana Democrats kill democracy

Greetings Green folks, Bad news from the court today.  The Judge granted the Democrats their emergency injunction to remove us from the ballot.  From here we have to either live with this decision or appeal; however our lawyer does not feel like he can afford to continue the process pro bono.  So, we need to determine what is our best way to move forward. Thanks, Dani Breck Continue reading

Alternatives to CAFOs

CAFOs (Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations) crowd so many animals together that they often routinely use antibiotics against disease. CAFO animals are often slaughtered inhumanely. Surrounding communities breath incredibly foul air contaminated by lagoons of animal waste and dead animals. How does the food produced under such conditions affect low income communities? How would producing less meat affect farmers? What attempts have been made in the Missouri legislature to expand or restrict CAFOs? What can we expect next year? Continue reading

How Can We Support Reparations?

The Green Party Black Caucus and the Green Party of the United States support reparations for Americans of African Descent that suffered the devastating damage and long-term effects and impacts of the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade, chattel slavery and de jure and defacto discrimination and segregation. Support for reparations is in the Green national platform. How should this be reflected in a local platform for New Orleans, once the center of the slave trade? RSVP Continue reading

July Newsletter from Santa Clara County

Congratulations to all THREE of our Green California candidates, Laura Wells, Kenneth Mejia and Rodolfo Cortes Barragan for breaking through the Top Two stranglehold on our democracy! They are all moving on to the November 6th General Elections!The Green Party of California is working hard to mount a statewide campaign and organize volunteers behind our fine candidates and YOU CAN HELP! Please DONATE to our candidates, volunteer to phone bank or text bank and advocate for them on social media. We Greens have to be our own media because main stream corporate media has locked us out of the conversation for decades. Help us turn our government GREEN! #WeAreGreen Continue reading