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Solutions & Resolutions

Solutions & Resolutions: FOR West Virginia Teachers and all Public Employees On February 18, 2018, Mountain Party leaders passed a Resolution* supporting all teachers, school service personnel and public employees who are fed up with low pay and ever increasing health insurance costs. The Mountain Party further recognizes that these problems persisted even prior to the current GOP control of West Virginia’s statehouse and Executive branch. Continue reading

Illinois Greens to meet in Chicago in March – March 24 & 25

The Illinois Green Party holds two Membership Meetings each year, one in the spring and one in the fall. These meetings are our chance to conduct official, statewide business and to hold trainings and educational sessions, as well as panel discussions and keynote addresses from invited speakers. The Spring Convention will be held Saturday, March 24th and Sunday March 25th, in Chicago. Continue reading

Food Justice, Police Accountability & a new Green Candidate

There is a lot happening in the local Green Party scene in Monroe County! First of all, if you missed the March monthly meeting on Food Justice, fear not. We have video! Continue reading

March Green Star News and Events from the Green Party of Pennsylvania

News, Candidates, Information, Events Nationally, Statewide & Locally If you find that you share these ideals and want to work toward a future where people and planet are valued and our government represents all of us, come and join the movement. Everything we do is based on our Four Pillars and Ten Key Values. Want to help? Sign the PA Green Party Petition to decriminalize below! Continue reading

Rev. Edward Pinkney speaking at California State University

Below are excerpts from a speech by Rev. Edward Pinkney at California State University in February, 2018. Green Pages recently ran a cover story about Rev. Pinkney's experience as a political prisoner in America. "There are 400 families in America who make an average of $97,000 per hour and the people [are fighting just to] make $15 and the majority of us don't say nothing. Fifty-three cents out of every federal dollar goes to the military. And yet they won't provide money for education of the children. As a minister, as a teacher, as a preacher, it is imperative that we lean on the Bible and teach what is really going on. Continue reading

Green Wisconsin Winter 2018 Newsletter

Wisconsin Green Party Co-chair's Report: Winter 2018, By Dave Schwab, WIGP Co-chair The Wisconsin Green Party has been busy since our Fall Gathering in Muskego. One of the first steps we took, after electing new officers and adding more active members to our committees, was to convene a Structure Team to address some of the structural issues that have held our party back from greater growth and effectiveness. The Structure Team's first task was to propose substantial revisions to our bylaws, which are presented in this newsletter for our members to review. Continue reading

New Mexico State Convention – April 7 & 8

The Green Party of New Mexico will hold it's State Convention on April 7th and 8th. The convention will take place at the Patrick E. Baca Library in Albuquerque. Among the items on the tentative agenda are officer elections, candidate nominations and discussion of rules and regulations. An error in the GPNM Rules and Regulations was discovered by the Office of the Secretary of State. X.B.ii "...shall provide to the Secretary of the State a notice..." should read, "shall provide to the Secretary of the Convention a notice..." Continue reading

Ballot Victory in Montana

Greetings Montana Greens! We're pleased to announce that we have succeeded in our efforts to secure ballot access for the 2018 and 2020 election cycles!! So any of you beautiful people who would like the opportunity to make real change in our state have a spot on the ballot!! We need you to run!! Continue reading

Green Party of Santa Clara County March Newsletter

Welcome to the March Newsletter of the Santa Clara County Green Party With the arrival of Spring we can't help but be rejuvenated and hopeful for the future of our world. No doubt there is enough daily bad news to bring us down. Yet we are hopeful, because our work in the Green Party, is the actual expression of HOPE against stacked odds! We belief that TOGETHER, we will claim our democracy back and have the government we truly deserve. From February, the month of PEACE and LOVE, we are moving into March, the month of COMPASSION! Please join us in serving our communities, in any way available and possible. We can ONLY do better, if we ALL do better. People, Planet and Peace Over Profit. Continue reading

Wisconsin Green Party to host campaign school

Learn to lead at our Green Campaign Training School! The Wisconsin Green Party is hosting a one-day Green Campaign Training School on Saturday April 7th in Milwaukee for anyone who is interested in running for office as a Green or working on a Green campaign. Continue reading