If you have news / photos / videos about local Green activity, please contact wbmgr@gp.org

Two great candidates in Olympia

The Green Party of Washington (GPWA) is a political party, and its ultimate aim is to elect Green candidates to office where they can really make a difference. This year, we have the opportunity to get excellent Green candidates into office in Olympia: Renata Rollins for Olympia City Council Position 6, and E.J. Zita for Olympia Port Commission. GPWA has endorsed both these candidates – they are thoughtful, experienced, have well-functioning campaign organizations, and their opponents are vulnerable. Both Greens are facing establishment candidates with large treasuries full of corporate donations - and both campaigns are funded the Green way – without corporate contributions! To win, it is not enough to be smarter, more experienced, have more volunteers and more endorsements. Green candidates need funds for lots of advertising, offices expenses, and to pay their hard-working staff. This is where you come in. Continue reading

Rebuilding the Green Party of Tennesse

We have an opportunity to rebuild the Green Party of Tennessee from the ground up. The past two years have brought a paradigmatic shift in politics in the United States and here in Tennessee, and we are positioned to take the initiative and push for Green reforms in our state and beyond. To do this, we need to re-engage with people who have expressed an interest in Green policies over the years. We have a database of 1,300 people we can call to reconnect with the party which has broken this up into 3 groups by Congressional districts. We are going to phonebank these contacts and work to connect or reconnect them with the Green Party of Tennessee. Continue reading

Illinois Green Party Fall Conference - Submit Your Platform & Bylaws Proposals!

The Illinois Green Party Fall Conference (held October 28-29 in Springfield) will include membership votes on proposed changes to the ILGP Platform and Bylaws. If you wish to propose a change to our Platform or Bylaws language, please submit your proposed change to secretary@ilgp.org by the end of Friday, October 20th at the very latest, so that proposals can be compiled and distributed to the ILGP membership prior to the meeting. Continue reading

The two biggest threats we face

The threat of global nuclear war and the growing climate crisis are, to put it bluntly, the two biggest threats to the future of life on Earth. That's why I agreed to be one of the keynote speakers at No War 2017: War and the Environment – and why I'm asking you to tune in to the opening panel this Friday September 22nd at 7 PM Eastern time. Continue reading

NJ Anti-War Agenda Protest Against US War, $700 Billion Military Spending Increase

NJ Residents will Gather at Martin Luther King Statue near Old Records Hall Members of the media and general public are invited to a protest against the hostile threats of the Trump Administration made at the United Nations, as well as the financing of those threats through Tuesday's $700 billion war budget vote – with both NJ Senator Booker voting in favor and Senator Menendez not voting. The protest will demand an end to preparations for war and threats of war against North Korea, Venezuela, Iran, and Yemen. It will also demand $700 billion for the recovery of Puerto Rico, Florida, and Texas, and to meet human needs throughout the US. Continue reading

Green Party of Texas is seeking candidates

Now more than ever, we need a Green Vision for the future. The Green Party of Texas is seeking candidates to carry this Green Vision forward to the public. Prospective candidates are invited to join us at the Dallas Public Library on September 30th to receive orientation & support on how to run for public office as a Green in 2018. Volunteers wishing to assist with ballot access are invited to join us for convention operation & petition collection training on October 1st. Please RSVP to join us for these valuable training events in preparation for 2018. Continue reading

Major step forward in Utah

We did it! The Green Party of Utah has officially reached the 2,000 signature requirement to become a Qualified Political Party in the state! This means our candidates will be assured of a spot on the ballot in the 2018 and 2020 elections, and voters can now register with the Green Party in Utah! There is still some info to submit, and details needing worked... but expect an official press release and announcement from the party very soon. Continue reading

Warren County Green Party Fundraiser

The Warren County Green Party held a successful fundraising party on September 17th in Glens Falls, New York. Three candidates addressed the crowd; mayoral candidate Rich Cirino and council candidates Robin Barkenhagen & Benjamin Latham. Information about their campaigns can be found at the links below. Continue reading

People's Convergence Conference

The conference was held at the American University Law School In NW Washington DC. It was an excellent facility with light filled rooms, an auditorium for around 500 and adequate unlimited meeting rooms that were lecture style and comfortable. It had adequate parking under the building that was free for the conference. The conference served box lunches and there were restaurants nearby. The main advantage was that there were at least two excellent hotels less than a 2 miles away for around $100 a room including the Courtyard Marriott with parking. I report this for future reference and use although I heard it was expensive and I am trying to get costs from Nick Brana who arranged it. The crowd was predominantly young and white with a good age range, some seniors and people of color. Socialist Alternative (SA) was a sponsor of this conference and Kshama Sawant of Seattle called for a new party but it appeared that they were not there to build this coalition or a new party. The plenaries were about 200 people, the Friday night meeting was closer to 400 and most of the workshops were around 50 attendees. Continue reading

Voter Registration Days in Bucks County, PA

This is a super-fun Green Party tabling opportunity and YOU are invited to join in. We can have up to 3 volunteers at each shift, one of whom is allowed to circulate on campus distributing voter registration literature. We are also permitted to have campaign materials on the table (although we can't actively campaign for candidates). We expect to have flyers for display. Make sure all the students we speak to get a Jules Mermelstein business card to remind them to vote on Nov 7! Continue reading