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Election Central

All day Tuesday we'll be reporting election news here as it comes in. As evening rolls around, we'll begin reporting results.
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California Results

GPCA Election Report, Updated November 14, 2016By Mike Feinstein, GPCA Campaigns and Candidates Working GroupOf the 36 registered Green Party of California members who ran for office in November 2016, at least 11 have been elected, and another leading pending final vote countshttp://www.cagreens.org/elections/2016-fall Continue reading

Great News from Missouri

We are very pleased to announce that, for the first time in Missouri history, the Green Party appears set to be an established statewide political party in Missouri (pending official Secretary of State certification). There were two legal requirements for this goal: Gather 10,000 signatures of registered Missouri voters requesting to put the Party on the ballot statewide and one of our statewide candidates must get over 2% of the vote in last night's election. In August 2016, we met the first requirement with 25,000 signatures. On November 8, 2016, we met the second requirement as our candidate, Jennifer Leach for Lieutenant Governor, got over 2% of the vote–over 65,000 votes. Several of our other local candidates received vote percentages ranging from 18-24%. For the compressed period of time we had to campaign, this is a remarkable achievement. Continue reading

Florida Victory

Kim O'Connor has won Hillsborough County Soil and Water Board District #2. This is Tampa's county and she won with 29.52% of the vote 131,362 votes.

unofficial vote total for Stein / Baraka ticket

The current vote total for the Jill Stein & Ajamu Baraka ticket is 1,194,004. This was more than double the amount of votes won in 2012 for the Stein / Honkala ticket, 469,501.

Victories in Minnesota

Lena Buggs elected to the Soil and Water Conservation District in Ramsey County Sharon LeMay elected to the Soil and Water Conservation District in Anoka County Continue reading

Victories in Michigan

Tom Mair elected to the Grand Traverse County Board District 2 seat.  Korie Blyveis re-elected as Town Clerk of Newbert Continue reading

Illinois Results

U.S. Senate Race: With 9,635 of 10,088 precincts reporting, Scott Summers is at 2.1 percent, with 109,547 votes. Illinois Comptroller: With 9,637 of 10,088 precincts reporting, Tim Curtin is at 2.6 percent, with 135,082 votes. Continue reading

Follow NY Results

Follow the results from New York State here. You'll have to select from the drop-down menu for down-ticket races

partial results for DC

DC Statehood Green Party Results Reporting: 41.71% in   Natale Stracuzzi: Delegate to the US House of Representatives  Natale Stracuzzi (Green): 4.68% -- 9,354  Eleanor Holmes Norton (Democrat): 85.6 -- 170,911 Martin Moulton (Libertarian): 5.83% -- 11,633   Lee Aikin: At Large City Council Lee Aikin (Green): 5.25% -- 20,692 John Cheeks (Independent): 4.43% -- 17,687 Caroline Celnik (Republican): 4.61% -- 18,424 David Grosso (Independent): 19.4% -- 77,450 Robert White (Democrat): 38.49% -- 153,691    DC Statehood Advisory Referendum: Yes, to approve: 81.1% -- 161,933 No, to reject: 12.81% -- 25,572   ANC 4B05 Perry Redd (Green): 22.29% — 553 Yolanda Hughes (Democrat): 63.86% -- 193    ANC 1C07 Chris Otten (Green): 24.19% -- 90 Wilson Reynolds (Democrat): 50% -- 186