Tell Us What Issues Matter to YOU

YOU are invited to help decide which political issues we’ll focus on in 2016.

We plan to pick one issue for each of our 4 Pillars -- Grassroots Democracy, Peace/Nonviolence, Ecology, and Social Justice.

We believe this strategy will be a winner for the Green Party because it will help us build awareness and support among people who care about the issues, but don’t know about the Green Party;  coordinate activities on the local, state and  federal level; and allow us to build closer ties with organizations advocating on these issues.

Also, perhaps most importantly, we’ll be able to showcase the difference between the bold solutions the Green Party advocates, and the watered-down, half-a-loaf solutions (or no solutions at all) that the “major” parties espouse.

All these things will help us build the broader base we need to win more elections at a higher level.

Using this grassroots-generated list to help us choose the issues that really resonate with people, we'll be backing candidates that support them. We'll create specific websites that speak to those issues from a Green perspective. We'll use these issues as a magnet to recruit candidates who have the same priorities. And, of course, we'll be able to put volunteers to work on issues that really matter to them.

Which issues are most critical for you and your community?   Which issues are the other parties weakest on?  Enter your suggestions, and/or rate others’ suggestions.

Thank you for participating!

If you already have an account on our website, it should know who you are.  If you haven't signed up yet, please create an account here, so you can participate. 

Then go here to give us your ideas!